Tuesday, June 15, 2010


All I have to say is, it totally pays to be a blogger. Okay, sure, it's great making new friends online and reading posts that make me laugh until my sides hurt. But the icing on the cake is the swag.

I have won a TON of stuff, considering I'm not even into entering giveaways or anything.

The very first thing I EVAH won was this:

I got three bags, the exact two pictured above and one more. I won them during the (I think) first SITS Spring Fling? Maybe? Anyway, every hour there were giveaways and I was nearly peeing my pants that I won something that I could actually use! Not an Etsy gift certificate or a strawberry-scented pencil, but REUSABLE GROCERY BAGS!!! Awesome. I also won 4 reusable fabric produce bags (for things you'd buy in the produce section but normally use those plastic bags on a roll). I was so excited to give my name to the person, I think I pestered her to death!

It was more exciting than the time I won concert tickets to see Richard Marx. I mean, I was totally up in the nosebleed seats but I could see his feathered mullet even from up in row RR355. Totally.

Okay, the next thing I won was some hand-stamped note cards from Even The Nice Ones. Those I love even more than the hand-stamped cards I make myself, because it's all the pretty and none of the work (on my part). So, boo-yah.

Then, I hit the mother lode. I won a Flip Video camera from Seven Clown Circus.

I know, right? Like, how lucky am I? I was pretty determined to give it my best shot (it required more than just a comment - I had to write themed blog posts and come up with a halloween craft idea and give 5 pints of blood - okay not really the blood thing - but all the work I did was fun anyway) and as luck would have it, my name got picked.

A little while ago, I won the "comment nirvana" pick from June Cleaver Nirvana in her weekly Potluck. I got 4 boxes of Little Debbie Petites cakes. So yummy. So soft. So... gone. I mean, hello? They entered our house at 4pm and were gone by about 6pm. Really, they are VERY petite.

Just a month or so ago I won this prize from Classy Chaos. I have always wanted to have a big group of gal-pals over for a slumber party and now, with this game, we can pretend we're answering quizzes out of Seventeen magazine all! night! long! SQUEE!!!!!!

Now, just this week, I found out I've won a sleep sack and a snooze-wrap from Random Walk Down Mommy Street. They will be perfect for Violet!!! She kicks her little feet around so much that she usually wakes in the morning with both legs inside one half of her sleeper. This will help so much.

So, all I can say is, you'll never win if you don't play. And, I don't even need to give you a disclaimer for getting all this stuff for free!

Texan Mama


Wendy said...

I never won nuthin' by blogging. *pout*

Aunt Crazy said...

You are a lucky duck!!! I won Richard Marx tickets when I was about 13. The concert was at Astroworld here in Houston!

covnitkepr1 said...

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Marissa said...

I have entered countless giveaways and have yet to win ANY of them-you must be super lucky! Give me your secrets and maybe I'll win some of the great prizes you were able to snag :) FUN!