Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

Know what I hate?

i hate it when a person doesnt use any type of punctuation in a sentence at all i mean really why do they do that do they think that we will just figure out what they mean and where we should put in the commas or periods or question marks it makes me really frustrated because this is a skill learned in 1st or 2nd grade and i cant believe that people are THAT lazy that they cant just type a little dot

like this.

(Whew. Can I tell you how hard it was for me to not put any punctuation in that paragraph? My fingers naturally went there on the keyboard and I had to actually keep backspacing to erase capitals and commas and apostrophes and periods.)

The other day I was refilling the hand soap bottles in my house and I looked at the large soap refill jug. I noticed that, on the lid, there was an expiration date. So, hand soap... expires? Seriously???

Please, people, can you load my blog from this page and tell me if it's loading weird? I'm having some issues with long load times and holes in my background and my social media buttons getting sucked up into the header. I've noticed it doesn't happen when trying to land on a specific page, but when just landing on the home page it does have all these issues. So, if you see some weird junk too, will you please let me know in comments, and what platform you're using (windows xp, vista, 7, or maybe Mac OS 8.??? because I don't believe in Macs. Sorry. I think they are a very smart and very competent but also very greedy monopoly and I refuse to buy into them. So, (trying to stay on track here) I am not aware of what Mac Operating System they are up to now.) And, also, what browser you're using (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, etc.)

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Texan Mama


Ms. Anthropy said...


My Mac had no problem loading your page. (Firefox)

Gigi said...

Don't get me started on punctuation, etc. OR I MAY START YELLING. ;-)

The page loaded fine for me. Windows 7-Google Chrome.

Mama Grits said...
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Jennifer said...

It worked both places for me, but did you change your comment form? Or maybe it is just because I clicked from your main page. And your main page loaded super fast for me this morning. We have Windows XP at work and I'm using Firefox.

Maggie S said...

I'm fine here...Windows XP and Firefox too. Loaded almost the same way both times. I picked up your link off Facebook because I tend to ramble.

Mama Grits said...

A Texan and funny - I had to follow! Grew up in Texas then was transported by aliens to Alabama. Or maybe that was my husband...

Amanda G said...

I have several students who think punctuation and capitalization is optional...even on our provincial tests. I DROVE ME NUTS to see that - one the test, not so much here, I knew the purpose. ;)
amanda (myramblings.ca)

Wendy said...

The only glitch I've ever noticed is that the white background doesn't load if I'm using Google Chrome. But I'm not sure it's a real browser. I think it's a Baby Browser (i.e., don't worry 'bout it).

Everything always works fine from Firefox... I just went directly to your home page (versus the RSS feed link I came in on) and everything looked exactly right.

And I can't comment on the grammar/punctuation nazi thing. I'm still in treatment for my out of control urge to edit everyone else's every written communication. Ahem.

Wendy said...

I ran your site through validator.w3.org just for kicks. I used XHTML 1.0 Transitional (not as strict on errors)...

...on my site it finds around 32 errors.

...on your site it finds over 500 errors.

Some of these are erroneous (the validator isn't recognizing javascript, etc.) - but in general, the less compliant your site is with the W3C standards, the more problems you'll have with people viewing it properly.

Keely said...

I like to put my own punctuation into those blog posts. The internet should let me have a red pen just for that, actually.

Blog looks fine in Firefox on Windows Vista!