Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekly Winners, May 30 - June5

These are my best shots from this week. All are taken with my Canon Powershot SX10is.

You can see all these photos, as well as my other photos from this week, on my Flickr Photo Page (You can click on the Flickr Icon over there on the left! It's the one with the two dots!)

night highway 5-31-10

Night Highway
I went out and practiced my technique with slow shutter speed. I like to pretend that my Powershot is a DSLR.

6-1-10 Water Bottle
Water Bottle
I like the bokeh of the leaves in the background. Also, I learned how to really get a close, tight zoom on shots. Just needed to make a small adjustment in one of my settings. Man, it really pays off to know your manual cover to cover.

Sprinkler in the Morning 6-3-10
Sprinkler in the Morning
Again, I like the sunlight bokeh in the upper right corner. I used a little slower shutter speed to show the sprinkler spraying rather than the individual drops of water, like in the next photo.

6-4-10 SPLASH!
Taken at a local splash park. It's a free park with a water feature for kids to play in. It's the cheap money-savvy mom's way to keep her kids happy in the summer.

6-5-10 Skylight
Taken at the Ft. Worth Museum of Science & History, right near the entrance.

On that subject, let me tell you that although all my kids had a WONDERFUL time exploring all the exhibits, I had a very frustrating day. The museum is geared toward children. While adults certainly can enjoy it, the focus of this museum is clearly for kids. But, the 10-foot-high glass entrance door? No button to open it for wheelchair or stroller patrons. Doors to enter the bathroom? (not the individual stalls) Again, no electric-opener button (and couldn't they just leave the door off?) Sinks in the bathroom - too far back for my children to reach to activate the automatic sensor. Same for the soap dispenser. And, know what the most frustrating part of that is? Millions were spent to renovate this building LESS THAN ONE YEAR AGO. I am wondering if they ever talked to any parents when making the design changes.

Okay, hopping down from the soapbox. Now, go on over to Lotus' page to check out other Weekly Winners!

Texan Mama


Jennifer said...

Those are great. You are really learning your camera. I think that it is cool that you are getting such great shots and you don't have a dslr.

Sturgmom said...

Love your new layout!

Jennifer said...

Great shots, I love the one with the individual drops of water! Before I had my DSLR, I had a Canon Powershot... and I love that camera.. it is an awesome camera! ( Now I have the Canon Rebel XTi and I love it too!)

Gigi said...

What are you talking about? These are AMAZING! If I could take shots like that I'd be very, very happy.....

Bridgett said...

You don't need a DSLR ifyou can take shots like this on an average digital camera. I mean, yeah, it would be awesome, but it looks like you're figuring this one out!!

Anna See said...

love your photos--- the water feature one captured that moment perfectly