Saturday, July 10, 2010

RIP Sonic

We aren't too great with pets. Actually, that's an understatement. We are pretty HORRIBLE with pets.

We have one dog. She's 6 and (I guess) healthy. She's a very good dog and everyone who meets her says how much they like her and wish she could come home and be their dog.

Okay, so, Texan Family = 1, Grim Reaper = 0.

Next, onto the Hermit Crabs: Speedy, Climby, and Hermie. Dead, Dead, and Dead.

Texan Family = 1, Grim Reaper = 3.

Then, there's the fish. No names for the fish, please. Don't name something unless it lives at least a week.

Texan Family = 3, Grim Reaper = 9. (If you're keeping count, 2 of the fish lived and 6 of them died. One committed suicide when I was moving him from the nasty fish tank to some nasty reserve water, so that I could clean the tank. Only, he took a dive into the dishwater while I was doing the transfer. I think he died of ingesting toxic water or else PTSD).

And now, poor Sonic has passed on. I did everything I thought I was supposed to: I gave him fresh water every day. I put a variety of fruits and crushed up dead bugs in his box. I gave him a pile of sand to burrow in so he could get out of the sun, AND I put his box in the sun so he could warm himself. But earlier today, when I went out to check on him, I saw him completely pulled into his shell, with one lone hind leg hanging out. I knew that just wasn't right. So I picked him up, I dusted him off, I touched his leg. Stiff. His eyes were closed. He was gone.


Sonic was a good turtle. I know that sounds crazy, but he would actually let us pet his head and touch his legs. He didn't yank his extremeties in whenever someone picked him up. He never minded being touched gently. He was so nice. And now he's gone.

I have no one else with whom to share my grief because I have decided to lie to my children for the very first time. I took the box and turned it on its side, and I am going to tell them that the dog must have tipped it over and Sonic must have escaped back into our yard, to where he came from. I know I simply could NOT face my kids' reaction if I told them that he died. As it is, Charlie Brown is convinced he is the Angel of Death when it comes to pet care. If he knew Sonic died, he would probably never want to touch another pet again for fear of killing it.

I just have to keep telling myself, it's for the best. Don't spill the beans. It won't help anything...

Texan Mama


Bridgett said...

Totally lie to them.

I have come to the conclusion that in my house, you have to be able to make your needs known. We've had fish die (no big thing there) and a parakeet. Our dog died, but she was 12 and a rottweiler. The cats are alive and the dog stayed alive because they let us know what was up. Small caged mammals and reptiles and birds and fish? They are too stoic for us.

Gigi said...

I think this little lie is a kindness to them. Particularly if Charlie Brown is taking it so personally.

Brenda said...

Oh, that's just too sad (and funny, but you know what I mean). Me and my 6 yr old have lots of talks about my previous pets who have died. He's frightened/fascinated by the stories. But I am in NO WAY looking forward to experiencing pet death with him. Wah is right. Visiting from SITS!

Foursons said...

Aw, poor Sonic! I think your plan is the way to go.

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

Oh man. I grew up in a household that couldn't keep anything smaller than a cat alive. We went through at least a dozen hamsters and gerbils. I think you have a great plan to save the kids from too much grief.

Jennifer said...

Poor Sonic. I think some animals just aren't meant to be in captivity.

anymommy said...

Oh, that's just, well, kind of funny. Lie for sure.

Frugal Vicki said...

I'm sorry you lost Sonic, we have a nice little water turtle Mickey, and I would totally lie.
I showed my son this picture. He told me that your turtle jumped into a bathtub and bit the baby....I have no idea, but I thought I would share!

Anna See said...

Awww, poor thing. I support your plan.