Monday, July 26, 2010

Those Little Buttons Down There (on Blogger)

"How do you get those little words down there at the bottom of your post? And how do you get them to link to stuff?"

Well, let me tell you!

Maybe you've never noticed them. Or, maybe you've seen them there but never paid close attention. Well, you should! Those are links that can direct your readers to do all kinds of stuff, like retweet your post, recommend your post to Digg or Kirtsy, share on Facebook, email it to a friend, take them directly to your comments, etc. These little links can be placed at the bottom of a feed as well as the bottom of a blog post.

First, you have to have your blog set up through Feedburner. If you haven't done that yet, go do it now.

Oh, Hi. You're back. Now, after logging into Feedburner, click on the title of your blog (this will take you to the account page). You'll see tabs that say "Analyze", "Optimize", "Publicize", "Fraternize" ... okay, not really that last one. Anyway, click on "Optimize", then on the left side, about 6 things down, you'll see "Feed Flare". THAT'S THE ONE YOU WANT. click that.

Hi again. Did you click it? Good. Now you get to pick all the cool stuff that your readers can do. Just tick the boxes that you want displayed, and where. There are more options not listed, but you can find them by using the "Browse the catalog" option. You can find EVEN MORE by just googling what you need. You'll be given an html code to paste into the box under "Personal Feed Flare" and then click "Add New Flare". Scroll down to the bottom and you need to click "Save".

All done? Good. Now, here comes the tricky part. Don't worry, I will walk you through it. Right above where you clicked "save" is where you choose what kind of platform you have your blog on. Click on the box with the pull-down menu and choose your platform (pick blogger, because if you are on Typepad or Wordpress, I cannot help you. Frankly I can barely help myself.)

A pop-up window will come up (you need to have pop-up windows temporarily enabled) giving you instructions and an html code. Now you have to go put the code in to the HTML of your blog template.


You can follow the directions on the pop-up window, but I do have a few extra hints.

Since Blogger has updated the posting page to say "Design" but they haven't changed the instructions for feed flare, it's a little confusing. You're going to want to follow the directions for "Layout", mmkay?
1. Copy the code in the box of the Feed Flare instructions onto your clipboard (just highlight and then right click and choose "copy").
2. Go to your Blogger account.

3. Click on "Design" tab,
4. then click on "Edit HTML" tab, and
5. click on the box that says, "Expand Widget Templates". This will get you into the inner sanctum that is the mucho confusing html code that makes up your pretty blog.
6. Hit "CTRL F" (This will pull up a toolbar near the top of your screen for searching the HTML code). In the search box, enter "footer" and blogger will search your code for that string of letters. When it finds it, it will highlight it. There will probably be more than one so you have to find the one you need.
7. hit the "next" button until you find the one that says, {div class='post-footer'} Once you find that, just keep following the directions on the pop-up window. You'll need to post the code and click "Save Template".

Then you should be done. You can check your blog and see your brand spankin' new links that your peeps can use to facebook you, tweet you, kirtsy you, etc. You are so money! (That's a reference to the movie Swingers. If you haven't seen it, you really should.)

Texan Mama


mama hall said...

thanks for this helpful tutorial! i want to put that on my blog but i'm too scared to mess with HTML or the design. i think i'll call my designer...time for a makeover anyway :) THANK YOU! ps: really nice to meet you this weekend- and thanks for the box of clothes for Bubba!

Jennifer said...

I'm totally going to do this tonight when I get home. You rock!

Gigi said...

My eyes are glazing over....the technical stuff freaks me out.

I do see how this could be helpful though and will take the time to look at it when I have some time (like this weekend when the boys are gone! Woot!) and will most likely be emailing you in need of desperate help! ;-)

Thank you for taking the time to educate me!! I need all the help I can get.

Maranda said...

This is great! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

Megan said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I did it last night but it wasn't working and it looks like it's still not working. My blog just doesn't like me. :0P I appreciate the step by step though!! =)

Tammy said...

I didn't know you could do that through feedburner. I use ShareThis, but it doesn't have the email the author feature.

Jennifer said...

that's a great tutorial! I'm just too wet behind the ears, I guess.. because I have no idea what Feedburner, Digg or Kirtsy even are.

Rachael said...

Great post! I just installed some buttons on my blog, and I've actually been using them more on other people's blogs since starting the 31DBBB Challenge.