Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Winners, July 18-24

I have gotten the unenthusiastic go-ahead from Texan Papa to get a DSLR!!! I am going to order it today!!!! So, be ready to see some great pictures coming up in the next few weeks!!! I AM SO EXCITED (albeit feeling a little guilty for getting such a nice thing for myself. Can't seem to let myself just feel deserving, I guess.)

7-18-10 Girls in the Bathtub
My girls in the bathtub.

7-22-10 Funny Face
Silly face

7-21-10 Bobcat
Bobcat in our Neighborhood

Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course

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Texan Mama


Donna said...

Bobcat?! Yikes! But it is really awesome. Love the photos of your sweet girls in the tub!

Tara R. said...

That really is a bobcat! Wow... he's beautiful!

Gigi said...

You ARE deserving! So very deserving. Can't wait to see what your fancy new camera produces!

Jennifer said...

I love baby/toddler booty. So cute. And the one time in our life when wrinkles and dimples are ok.

Katie said...

Can't wait to see your new photos! You will absolutely love your new camera, especially with young children. You can actually capture that facial expression that a regular digital camera often misses.

Foursons said...

Congrats on the new camera! Do you know what kind you're getting?

Anonymous said...

Baby butts! Awwww!!

That bobcat is incredible... and daring of a shot to get.

YAY on the camera!!! I'm so jealous. Still waiting to afford one for myself. I'll live vicariously through you for awhile. :)

Emily said...

Baby bottoms are just sooooo cute! Love that shot! And the bobcat...scary!!

misssrobin said...

Good for you. I can totally relate on the spending money on myself = guilt thing.

You work hard. You deserve good things, too.

Enjoy your new camera.

Lady V dZine said...

I absolutely LOVE my DSLR. As for the pictures, have fun. Looks like you have quite a knack for getting great shots.

Shop with Me Mama said...

That is an adorable picture! I have one similar of my kids! Baby bums are too cute to cover up :)

Tammy said...

Hi Texan Mama. I left a comment on my post, but thought I would come over here and leave you a comment. You raised a good point, as did a few other readers of mine. Although I don't see a problem with posting my apposing view of your picture, I should have left you a comment here on your blog. The picture itself is adorable, but I think that it should not be posted online. But as you said, it's your blog, your picture, your right. We have differing opinions on this matter, and that is fine. The world would be a dull place if everyone agreed.