Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Very Memorable Birthday Celebrations

Well, it's not my birthday but some of you might think it is. The other day I wrote a post about Unexpected Changes, and I said that I was 38. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm 38 and a half. My birthday is in January. I wouldn't want to be accused of making myself seem younger than I actually am...

Anyway, though, I got to thinking about some ways I've celebrated my birthday in the past, and some have been good while some have been not so good. Here are my 10 most memorable birthdays:

1. Minnie Mouse Cake when I was 4 - Okay, I actually don't remember much about the party, because from the pictures I have seen I can tell it was a family-only party. But I VERY CLEARLY remember that my sister made me a Minnie Mouse cake, and I was just over the moon. She is 13 years older than me, and she was my biggest hero. I wanted to be just like her. Heck, I wanted to BE her.
2. Roller Skating when I was 12 - Nothing like ushering in those awkward tween years with a Roller Skating party. Skatemore roller rink in Ellisville, Missouri. I remember it all - the bathrooms with cinderblock walls and no doors on the stalls, the disco ball, the brown rental skates with an average of 1.5 shoe laces per pair. The DJ would always do the "East side-West side" skate to the theme from Ice Castles, where the girls would line up on one wall and the boys would line up on the other, and the DJ would announce who invites whom to skate. I always hoped my Farah-Fawcett feathered hair would attract some pre-pubescent boy to ask me to take a few laps around the rink while we held sweaty palms, but I never had any luck.
3. Limo Ride when I was 17 - My friends arranged for us all to wear our formal dresses (think: homecoming or prom) and rent a limo and just basically drive around and get drunk. I have NO idea whose parents signed off on this idea. It was all a surprise to me. I got to my friend's house and they were already dressed up and handed me a dress (one of my own that one of them had "borrowed") and off we went. I think I remember puking in a field on the side of a highway somewhere...
4. Tropics Disco when I was 21 - I was actually in Ireland for my highly anticipated 21st birthday, but it ended up being a bit anti-climactic. I started the evening at my host family's home, with some kind of sponge cake birthday cake. Not what I was used to but I appreciated the sentiment. (I was still missing home at this point and wanting everything to be more... American than it was.) Later, I went out with my 2 American gal-pals and we painted the town red. We went to Tropics Disco in Limerick and enjoyed lots of dancing and drinking and they had a chinese food cafeteria on the upper level that served awesome pork fried rice.
5. Hot Wings at CJ's & Pub Crawl when I was 22 - Since I missed out on the traditional pub crawl with my college friends upon turing 21, I decided to have the pub crawl one year later. A pub crawl is a pub crawl, I always say. We first ate dinner at CJ's wings on Broadway in Columbia, Missouri. I don't know if it's still there but those are the BEST wings ever. In my opinion. Then again, I was a college kid and my diet consisted mainly of Doritos, Ho-Hos, and beer. So, I didn't have a discriminating palate. Anyhoo.... pub crawl: Boone Tavern. Widmans. Tropical Liqueurs. Harpos. Shiloh. The Field House. Anywhere that gave us a free shot, we went there.
6. Cake & Belly-Button Piercing when I was 24 - My buddy Jonathan has a birthday one day shy of mine so we celebrated together at his house. I made my favorite cake for myself, and him too of course: chocolate with mocha frosting. At the time I lived in the same town where I had attended college. Now THAT would make anyone feel old. I was surrounded by all my old stomping grounds, but whenever I went out all the guys and girls were so YOUNG. No one knew me at all. I got the feeling that I was the Rob Lowe character from St. Elmo's Fire. So, to make myself feel younger, I got my belly button pierced. And, it lasted about 3 years until I got pregnant. I'm still waiting to put it back in until I have a bangin set of abs to show it off. So, in other words, never.
7. All-U-Can-Eat crablegs when I was 29 - I was married and living in St. Louis. My husband and I loved to indulge in the Endless Crab Legs special at Red Lobster that they had on Monday nights. We would order the crab legs, along with our salads & side dishes, but we knew not to fill up on cheddar biscuits before the dinners arrived. It was our goal to go home feeling just shy of ill. Ah, the good old days before my metabolism crapped out.
8. Surprise Twinkie Party when I was 34 - The only surprise party my husband has thrown for me, thus far. I really give him credit - he kept it a surprise the whole time. He knew I loved twinkies so he ordered a few dozen boxes from the Twinkine store and after church one Sunday, the whole congregation wished me happy birthday with Twinkies & punch. And, we had a Twinkie slingshot out in the parking lot, just for fun.
9. NOTHING when I was 37 - we were on our way to St. Louis to visit family. I was in the car and just waiting for someone to say something. Finally, at 2pm, my husband remembered to wish me happy birthday. He pulled the same thing he always does: "I didn't forget. After all, the day isn't over yet, is it?"
10. NOTHING when I was 38 - you'd think he'd have remembered this year, right? Yeah, he did even worse this year. THIS YEAR I almost expected him to forget. I even made my own birthday cake. When he asked why, I just said, "Because I wanted to have cake today!" I didn't say a word about it. He worked all day, we spoke on the phone once or twice. When he got home from work and sat down on the couch, he saw the mail... with birthday cards for me... "Uh, hon, what's today's date?" me:"The 21st." him: "ohh.... shit. Happy Birthday! I guess I forgot." me: "Well, the day isn't over, right?"

So, here's hoping your birthdays are memorable and always put a smile on your face. Happy Birthday to my interwebz friends who are celebrating birthdays in July - Jenny Mac, Pauline, Gigi, and even Junior! (And, here's hoping that 39 turns out better than 38 for me!)

Texan Mama


Maggie S said...

I know someone who lived in Ellisville when she was about your age. Weird, huh?

It is difficult to wrap my mind around a husband being worse at special occasions than mine is.

Katie said...

Visiting from the SITS 31DBBB Challenge! I enjoyed learning a little about you through your journey of birthdays... My husband can sometimes be the same way (they mean well!).

Going to check our your other list post now!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had some fun birthdays and some... well... maybe not so fun? Hehe... I think I would love know more about a Twinkie Slingshot?! {insert evil laughter here}

Take care!

Melani said...

Sounds like some of your birthdays were way fun!

I will be 38 on Saturday, the 24th, but under the circumstances, I really don't feel like celebrating at all...my brother-in-law's funeral is Thursday and I know since the death of his brother, my husband has not thought of my birthday, and that is ok. He always does something special for me or gets me a small something, but this year I understand.

Gigi said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Gretchen! And a happy half-birthday to you!

I have to admit, my Hubby is pretty good about remembering my birthday (some years he does better than others at celebrating, but we won't go there) but he did forget my 30th! Completely and totally forgot. But I kinda let that one slide, because we were moving into a new house that day, his dad had just died not much before and so he had a lot on his plate.

Give me hubby's email address and a list of all the important dates he "should" remember and I'll make sure he never forgets again!

Peek at My Paper said...

AWESOME List Post!
Very cool - that was a fun idea.
I don't remember my birthdays - then again, I haven't ever sat down to think about each of them.
I really enjoyed reading about your experiences - I have had some similar. :)
excluding the limo and drinking at 17! Oh my.

Thanks for stopping by Peek at My Paper today and linking up!
Good luck on the rest of the challenges.

Jennifer said...

Send me his email and I'll make sure he doesn't forget. I threw David a surprise party for his 40th. I can't wait to see what he does for mine next year. But he usually does pretty good for birthdays. Well, at least he never forgets.

julie said...

You definitely had some memorable birthdays! Your last two pretty much sum up my birthday experiences from 22 on. Great list post!

Jill said...

Also visiting from the SITS 31DBBB Challenge.

I think I would have enjoyed going to the Tropics Disco with you ;)

Laura said...

The only thing I remember about my birthday parties (October 26), my dad would fix a haunted house of sorts under our house (it was dark & scary when you are little), we'd dress in our Halloween costumes & my mom always made me a pumpkin-shaped cake.

My dad is from Texas and his side of the family is scattered around Texas.

Stopping by from SITS 31DBBB Challenge!

Anna See said...

Loved reading these!

Sorry about 37 and 38.

JennyMac said...

Loved this post! and the walk backwards in time (and your Minnie cake..age 4..SO adorable.) I think sharing this is a great way to conjure up memories for you, probably some things you had not thought of in years. Well done.