Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't Get Offended

I'm ripe to go ahead into my reader and "Mark All As Read". Yes, Again. I know I do this often, and I hate when I do it. But really? Y'all never know when I do it anyway. For all you know, I've just been lurking and not commenting. At least I'm being honest about it.

This week should be the most laid-back week of the year. Kids back in school. House quiet. Even, our digital converter box is broken so we don't have any TV. (Yes, we might be the last people on earth who don't have cable or Dish or whatever. But seriously, think about what your cable bill is each month, then multiply that by 12. That's what we save every year. That's how much we can be spending on Hershey's Kisses and diet Coke healthy nutritious food for the family.)

But anyway, I'm avoiding my computer because a) there are bills to be paid on the computer. We have the money, but it's the principle. I hate bills. I hate giving my money to big business. b) I have a giant sausage stump for a left index finger. It's causing me to type v's instead of c's and f's instead of d's, etc. My typing time is cut in half, at least. c) I'm preparing for the giantest garage sale on earth. I have to enter info in the computer and print tags and poke safety pins through dozens of onesies and skirts and jackets, etc. I hate this time of year and I love it too. The work! The sorting! And, the purging! The eliminating! (that ended up sounding like a gross bathroom trip. sorry.)

I have this post all worked out in my head about food and what choices are "good enough" and when do we cross the line from "doing the best for our families" to "being too lazy to make the right choice"? This is a continuation of my last post about food choices. I've been thinking about organic food and pesticides. One friend told me that organic is important because pesticides are in the whole part of the food, and if it's grown with pesticides then it can get in to the food while it's growing too. But then she said she only buys organic of the "dirty dozen" foods. Which (to me) begs the question, if it's okay to eat non-organic foods whose peels/outsides we don't eat, then why all the conflicting information about how pesticides can get in to the food while it's growing.

Okay, there, I guess I just wrote most of my intended post.

And, by the way, I know I'm first in line of the "lazy" people. I'll admit that I have tried and totally failed at making menu plans. Yes, I know they're easy to do. It's not rocket science. Monday - meatloaf. Tuesday - spaghetti. Etc. But I have so many more important things to do! Like sorting clothes for 5 small humans.

Speaking of that, That is BY FAR the job I hate the most as a mom. Get out the box from the attic that will house all the clothes that are too small. Then, go through the clothes to see which are too small, which have holes, which can be worn by a smaller child and which should be sent to charity and which should be trashed. THEN get the other box from the attic and put those clothes into drawers & on hangars. BUT WAIT! Don't put the boxes away yet because the laundry holds many magical mysterious clothing items that need to sneak their way back into the too-small-box. Now, lather-rinse-repeat 4 more times.

Okay, peeps, time to go use my sausage-finger to click the "mark all as read" button, then go sort some clothes. If you wonder what Gretchen is doing this weekend, wonder no longer! Now you know!!!

Texan Mama


Bridgett said...

The clothes sorting and boxing and donating and filling in the gaps and folding and cleaning and and andd makes me absolutely crazy. It's a job that is never done because those dang kids have clothes on right now that they're going to take off and put in the laundry.

Oh, and we don't have cable either: we have netflix and hulu. Really. Plenty of timewasters there!

Hope that finger heals up...

misssrobin said...

No cable or satellite here either. When my husband got laid off for seven months a few years ago, we got rid of the satellite. I missed the 24-hour news access and the sports, but not much else. And when I considered spending that money again, I just couldn't do it. We have the converter box, lots of dvds, and hulu. We don't need anything else.

I jammed my finger playing catch football with my son almost three weeks ago. For the first few days touching anything hurt. I got way behind on posting and commenting. It's still swollen and tender, but at least I can function now.

Best wished for speeding healing.

woman:confused said...

I think all of the unemployed people in the country should just go and wash/dry & fold/put away clothes for families. I would pay big bucks to never have to do that crap.

I think marking all as read is WAY better than what I did... I actually deleted blogs I follow b/c I couldn't keep up!

ridgely johnson said...

I have done both
1. Mark all as read, effectively wiping away days and days of my cohorts' efforts... my reprieve- your post- knowing they, too, have wiped away mine in a fit of screen cleaning
2. deleted all- decided to follow only my very most favorites on e-mail- then I spend an inordinate amount of time determining "if" a blog I was reading, and enjoying mind you, would fit in my coveted, and jammed back e-mail box.

Now- I have settled into 90% RSS with occasional purges.
Thank you for your delightful posts. I'm an Aggie- 1980 - still love me?

Gigi said...

Ahhh, laundry. The bane of my existence. And I only have two others in the house with I guess I really shouldn't compare laundry horrors with you, huh? Hope your finger gets better soon!

Maggie S said...

You aren't the last people on earth who don't pay for TV.

Hear ya on the food thing. Can we just eat, already?

mama hall said...

oh but i SOOOOOO appreciate you getting that box out of the attic, sorting, and handing your small boy clothes off to me! you don't even know how much that blessed me :)
and you have to admit, it feels good when the purging results in tidyness!

Kirby said...

Uhh thats what I have been doing for 2 days now is sorting and sifting throughout all the clothes they have taken over my life and my house!!!!

Jennifer said...

I know you have almost twice the number of people living in your house that I do, but I've started washing one load a day, sometimes two, and making myself fold and put it away right away. It has helped. Of course I've only been doing this for a week and next week I'll probably be right back in the laundry pit with you, but still. This week? I rock.

Bear and Bones Mama said...

I only have 2 and the sorting and filtering drive me nuts. I've decided to keep the ugly tupperware bins of clothing in the kids bedroom. I don't care. I'm not lugging those things up 2 flights of stairs again in a couple of months when it gets cold. Dangit. You can't make me.
On the food front, we're working with a financial consultant to help us with our budget. After mortgage and childcare, food is our biggest item. Baby steps, I'm trying to cut $300 off our bill for the month. This is hard. This is my first month (August) and I am over budget. I know I'll figure it out eventually, but sigh. I do want to eat only good quality food, organic and grass fed, etc. But how to do that and have a balanced budget? We dont' eat out a lot, we don't have cable TV (either), we ride our bikes A LOT to keep the gas bill down. We have solar panels on the house so our electric bill is very very low. I've turned into my father about keeping the lights off. I bake and can and preserve. Ok, now I'm ranting and complaining, sorry everyone.
I will stop now.

Sturgmom said...

Ugh, thanks for ruining my Friday by reminding me that I still need to get my JBF stuff out and prepped. ;)

Hope your finger is better soon!

Jody said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Garage sales... as long as I am going to them not having them!

Anna See said...

girl, enter my giveaway before you mark all as read!

i can relate to this post. we have been eating not so well, and it's definitely on my mind.\

didn't buy the kids ANY new school clothes b/c i wasn't ready for the whole clothes sorting, purging thing. i am convinced our husbands have NO CLUE about what our houses would look like if we didn't purge.

nicole said...

Yes on the clothes sorting. Hate it. Am currently avoiding it right now.

Swizz said...

I've been helping you out...I just haven't posted a lot lately! ;O)

And here's to keeping you from having to read a long comment... (hee hee!)

Walker Family said...

Feel free to just delete right now...I love that "Giant Garage Sale". Most of Sophie's clothes come from there. So as a mom Thank you so much for all the sorting, purging, tagging, etc.