Saturday, August 14, 2010


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Today is my post for the 100-Word Challenge. The challenge word this week is: Worthless

I decided to actually write from a point of view opposite of my own. I think it's hard to put myself in the shoes of someone whose thoughts are so contrary to my own. I can not imagine what an atheist thinks about religion. I can guess, but I just don't know. I've heard my share of smack talk, but this is just a fictional writing exercise, so it's my own personal interpretation. Here we go...

I can’t believe how humid it is, even this late in the evening.

He checked his pulse and quickened his stride as he passed the First Baptist parking lot.

It’s really full today… they must have some revival going on or something. I just don’t get why those people buy into all that worthless bullshit. The whole, “I can’t do anything without God” thing makes those otherwise intelligent people look really stupid. They are like Stepford wives, all of ‘em! They follow along, blindly adhering to an archaic set of rules by which they lead their lives. What a waste.

Texan Mama


Gigi said...

Now that is stretching yourself - trying to write from someone else's perspective. Good job.

Ash said...

Difficult to put on the other shoes some days - well done.

I remember hearing Jeanine Geraffelo (not spelled correctly, but I'm not giving her the Google hit) call President Obama "anti-intellectual" for asking the United States to pray for the Gulf Coast region during the oil crisis.

If that's anti-intellectual, God Bless my state school college education. At Texas A&M no less ;-)

misssrobin said...

Well done.

Jennifer said...

I have a Facebook friend that's an atheist, and based on some of the comments he gets on his posts.... that's pretty close to the mark.