Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Epiphanie!

Epiphanie Bags is celebrating her first birthday. And, in true Texas fashion, I don't believe in doing anything small.

So, I wanted to show Epiphanie how much I love her bags. I wanted to wish her a very happy birthday. And, I wanted to make sure she celebrated in style!

Epiphanie's party came complete with presents, a candle, and a party hat. I hope Epiphanie had a good time.

Happy Birthday Epiphanie! And congratulations on your first year. Here's to many many more to come.

This post is my entry to Epiphanie's great giveaway. Epiphanie is a company that makes absolutely gorgeous camera bags. These bags don't look like camera bags - they look like high-end handbags. In celebration of their 1st birthday, Epiphanie is giving away a Canon 5D Mark II. So, in other words, a photographers' dream camera. If I win that camera, I will probably faint. And, then I'd haul out my checkbook to start buying some bitchin' lenses to put on that bad boy.

Texan Mama


Gigi said...

Crossing all my fingers and toes and hoping you win!!!

Jennifer said...

Good luck!

Swizz said...

Okay, so if you could win by how adorable the picture'd win hands down. That picture is so cute!

But since the contest winner will be drawn by, I intend to win.

Can you feel me staring you down, daring you to try and beat me?