Sunday, September 12, 2010

His Name Is Trouble

This one is my stinker. He tests my patience (he usually wins - I lose it.) He doesn't understand the word "no" or "come over here" or "you might get hurt". Doing the safe thing never crosses his mind.

Labor Day Watermelon

Today was a bad day for us. I awoke to his brother telling him, "Leave Sister alone. Leave her alone! Don't touch her!" and then Sister is screaming. Later we had to run to the coffee shop, and once I was 5 feet from the car he turns our minivan into a UFC cage match, pummelling and tackling his brother in the front seat. On the way home from the coffee shop, we stopped at the grocery store. He decided to use the freezer door as a swing (thank God he didn't break it). I threatened him within an inch of his life that he was to STAY. NEXT. TO. THE. CART.

Finally, while checking out, he slips over to the payphone (can you believe those are still in existence?) and decides to dial 9-1-1. He thought it wouldn't work because he hadn't put 50cents in the phone.

I lost it. I was so angry at him. It didn't help his cause that it's Sunday, and Texan Papa works all weekend, so it's bascially been me + 5 kids for 48 straight hours. That would make anyone a bit nutty.

When we got home, I sequestered him in his room. He shouted, "I hate you! You're a horrible parent!" Heart... stabbing... crumbling... I went to check on him in about a half hour, when we'd both calmed down. I saw my brand new DSLR in there on the floor. I must have brought it in earlier and forgotten about it. I noticed it was turned on. I asked him if he'd taken any pictures? "Yes, I took a picture of myself. And I made this card for you." (It said, "I love you. I'm sory mom.")

His Name Is Trouble
This is the picture, Straight out of the Camera. I didn't edit it at all.

When you see this picture, what is your first impression? I mean, beyond asking yourself how a 7-year-old can figure out how to put a DSLR camera on self-timer mode (which I've never even used BTW) to take a picture that's so clearly focused and this was the only shot besides one other that was also in focus.

Me, I notice the light. The soft, ethereal feel to it. Almost like he's surrounded by a cloud.

Now, maybe it's because it's Sunday. Maybe it's because I just went to church. But I was immediately touched by the idea that in this photo, my little stinker Linus is not alone. God's there too. I can see him. I can almost feel him, just by looking at the photo.

It makes me remember that God is with him always. ALWAYS. Even when he's acting like a little devil. It's nice to know that somebody's got his back.

Texan Mama


ashley said...

I am totally touched by that picture too! Wow- I can't get pictures half as good as that, and I try hard! What a beautiful memory you will have with that picture. God is definitely with him. :)

Jennifer said...

I love this photo. LOVE it. He's going to be fine Momma, and so are you.

GunDiva said...

I have one of those children too. It's a good thing that someone's watching out for them.

misssrobin said...

Beautiful story. Beautiful photo.

Kirby said...

See don't ya love how they can make ya feel like crap then make you feel like their the sweetest kid in the world? Mine does that too! Sweet picture!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

I got chills reading that! Amazing photo! Wonderful story. I have a little one who is my button-pusher, too. I get frustrated with myself for getting so frustrated with her. Glad I found you on Mamapedia! Will be following you now!

Anna See said...

Oh Mama, this photo is perfect. Your little guy is Surrounded by God at all times. And so are we. BTW, that budding little photog already knows the rule of thirds? Sheesh!

mama hall said...

it is just like God to step in and make Himself present in our moments of complete overload and frustration and guilt. i was in tears at the end of this post. it's a great reminder that God is always surrounding us, as is His grace and mercy! thank you :)