Friday, September 17, 2010

If I Weren't Blogging...

In the spanse of one day, I spend many hours on the computer.
editing photos
uploading photos
reading email

Most of those hours happen between 1 and 3pm (a.k.a. nap time) and after 9pm (a.k.a. me time). I check email periodically, and tweet occasionally, but I don't have a smart phone so I'd have to be tied to my computer if I wanted to be plugged in 24/7.

But, why would I want to be plugged in, 24/7?

Yes, it's fun. But I have to remember what I did before I started blogging, to make sure that I don't forget it and let it slip away. So, if I weren't blogging, I'd be...
playing play-doh with my toddler
ironing adorable dress-up clothes for my real live babydoll (who's 9 months old already!)
ruining making dinner
riding bikes
helping with homework
clipping coupons that will expire before I use them
keeping a running balance in my checkbook
cruising the resale shops on a regular basis

Blogging has opened a lot of doors for me: I've made new friendships. I've swam in new, unfamiliar waters. I've looked at myself in the mirror and laughed, cried, gotten upset, gotten inspired, and gotten over myself. I've seen through people and they've seen through me. I've done things I thought I couldn't do. I've fitted myself with a pair of big-girl panties and they feel pretty comfy.

Blogging doesn't define me. When someone asks me to describe myself, I don't list "blogger" as one of my attributes. I feel that blogging isn't an end-result; it's more like the process. Blogging has refined me. It's caused me to find what's important in life (like making time for play-doh) and what's not (like knowing exactly, to the penny, how much money is in the bank.) It's forced me to have the courage to look people in the eye, when previously I'd only looked at their gravatar. I've been humbled by so many talented writers. I've been flattered by so many generous commenters.

I've been blessed.

This post was inspired by the SITS BackToBlogging event. Thanks to Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances, for the prizes offered during the Back to Blogging event.

Texan Mama


Jennifer said...

I like the "it has refined me" part. I feel the same way. Blogging has helped me connect with a part of me that I didn't know what was there while providing me a creative outlet that I really needed.

Liza said...

This was such a great, concise, well written post. I love it. And you reminded me I need to go clip some coupons! I WISH I were disciplined enough to know to the penny what's in my account. I have a general, "Is there enough to cover what we need to spend?" And that's it.

Also, a while ago during the 31DBBB challenge, you looked at my blog and gave some suggestions, which I implemented immediately. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do that. At the time I didn't know how to quote someone on BlogFrog, so your thank you is long overdue.

I look forward to checking back with you!

(Your comment thing only lets me do Google or an Open ID, it doesn't have a Name/URL option, so, just so you know, my blog is

Kirby said...

Love this post! I have found myself, since I have started blogging being on the computer wayyyy to much, it sucks me in and and wont let me out!!!

Lis said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who clips coupons, then completely forgets to bring them to the store with me when I go shopping, and then when I finally remember them...they've expired. *facepalm*

Karen Peterson said...

Such a great post.

I am not a wife or a mother, but I know I, too, need to spend less time on the computer and more time doing things worth blogging about.

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

Love this post. Well said. I too am learning so much about myself and love it.

I saw you on BF and look forward to meeting you in Austin.

OHmommy said...

I hate that I got a "smart phone." Because the time that I spent at the school pick up line or waiting at gymnastics is now spent reading blogs on my phone. I used to read books at those times.

Melani said...

I am way behind in reading! I usually do my blogging during naptime, too, but now Brandon does not nap! So, I am out of sorts as to what I can and can't do since he is up and running amuck and well generally just creating messes for me to clean up! LOL