Friday, September 10, 2010

Katrina, Hair, Band-Aids, and the Qur'an

my randomness, as of late...

It's Katrina in my refrigerator. Something is wrong with the icemaker which is causing it to fill up the lower level of my freezer instead of the ice-cube-maker-tray-thing. The tray keeps feeling empty so the tube keeps spitting out water, only it's not going into the tray - it goes on top of/all over/underneath my frozen peas, ice cream, frozen steaks, and chicken nuggets. It's bad enough that I now have an inch of water frozen solid on the base of my freezer, but now it's anchored down with random bags & boxes of food.

And, ya know, we don't have an extra $1K lying around to just run to Home Depot and buy a new refrigerator. Just when we think we're doing good, saving money for the tax bill in January and home insurance, there goes THAT bankroll.

And so, consequently, something about all the extra ice (but not ice CUBES) in my freezer has caused much water to drip into my fridge and now it's like a flood underneath my veggie drawers. Good times.


My finger that I almost chopped off (okay, not really, I'm being dramatic) is officially healed. I say "officially healed" because I'm back to typing with it and today I even went sans-Band-Aid. Now it just looks like a slightly red cut. But my finger is still a little misshapen on that one side. It's a little freaky.

My hair. My hair. A few of y'all asked for pictures. Trust me when I say, my hair is just this side of boring soccer mom. I will show you a picture but really - prepare yourselves to be nonplussed.

Please excuse my expression. I think I was trying to be artsy or something. No, really, I think I can't smile and still look sane, so I went for the "SURPRISED" look.
So far I've cleared $150 from the consignment sale. The sale is still going on today and tomorrow (the 1/2 price sale is all day Saturday) so I would be giddy if I could clear $200 total. That would be my biggest sale ever. Now, Karma, please please PRETTY PLEASE do not make me pregnant again. There, now that I've sold all my stuff AND said it, I'll probably have some post 2 weeks from now that's like, "guess what!..."


I see that the pastor of the church in Florida, the church that was going to burn a big pile of Qur'an, says he's not going to burn them after all. I think it's really awesome how people have spoken up and made their point known that they don't approve of this behavior. Makes me believe that my tiny voice, when combined with lots of other tiny voices, actually CAN make a difference. Now, I just have 2 questions: 1 - Do you think people would have taken such notice if it had been a big pile of BIBLES being burned? and 2 - This pastor is an American - why can't he be free to burn Qur'ans by his "right of freedom of expression"? Works for people who want to burn American flags, right? (For the record I am absolutely opposed to this pastor and his plan to burn Qur'ans. I think he has a higher responsibility to God than he does to America and he needs to act like a Christian first before thinking about his rights as an American. But still, it seems to me that there is a LOT of attention being paid to this guy, when actions of hatred toward the Christian Church happen every day, and they are excused as people's freedom of speech/freedom of expression. Just my opinion.)

Have a great Friday y'all!

Texan Mama


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I think the guy in Florida is a nut job, and has been given WAY to big a voice for a pastor of a church with 50 people (thank you cable news) but I DO think that he has the right to burn it (I don't think he should) and I think that this whole "Burn it and people will die" thing is just not good by the Muslim PR team... because it smacks pretty hard the whole notion that they are a "peaceful religion".....

smock4fun said...

Your refrige isn't broken...just your icemaker. Turn the icemaker off...and use ice cube trays!!!

Bridgett said...

Ok, the whole koran thing was, in my opinion, a nutjob looking for attention ala that group in Kansas that protests at funerals. But my question is, what are you referring to when you talk about actions of hatred toward the Christian Church? Or are you talking about overseas? Because greeters at stores being told to say happy holidays instead of merry christmas is just not comparable to mosque bombings and koran burnings....and I think he would have been glossed over if he'd just preached against islam. But he decided to launch a book burning. We've seen these before, you know.

Jennifer said...

Turn the valve off to the icemaker and that problem will stop. It sounds like the tubing has come disconnected or something. You might be able to get it fixed for, oh say, $150 - $200. Isn't that nice?

I'm glad your finger is better and you can type.

I think your hair is cute and I can tell it looks shorter.

I'm glad that the guy called off his heinous act, but you are right about the other. I wish we could communicate love and tolerance for everything.

Kirby said...

The pastor is a S***BAG and your hair looks cute! :)

rach said...

ahhh I had a whole comment written up and it dissappered! lets see if i remember...

What is up with the burning of religious texts? Shouldn't this pastor be more concerned with leading his flock into the light of christ instead of creating fear and hatred. What happened to turning the other cheek and saving the lost sheep? I know this guy is a minority and not all preachers or pastors are the same, but its people like that who turn me away from organized religion and give christianity a bad name! ok rant over!!

also I can't do good non-smiling faces when I take pictures so I usually make crazy faces haha

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

I'm not an expert on Islam but I know that the Qu'ran as a physical book is considered sacred...not just the writings within it. There are special rules for handling it which is why burning the Qu'ran is so intense, beyond just blatant hate behind the action.

You won't find a Qu'ran with highlighted passages or notes in the corner, the way you would a Bible.

I would equate it to the same reactions Catholics would have if someone desecrated the Eucharist.

This article explains it well:

Melani said...

yes I agree, turn the ice maker off and use ice-trays...sorry you have such a mess.

Your hair looks wonderful! Great length, now if I could only do something with my hair, it is getting a bit long again, but I love it long!

totaly agree with you that guys is getting way too much attention!

Anna See said...

Your hair looks so cute!

I am disgusted by that guy in FL. I know I'm not answering your question re. freedom of speech, but let me share what's going through my head about all this.

In my opinion NO ONE comes to Christ through bullying or coercion or shouting, or putting other's down. People come to Christ by seeing something special in someone and thinking, I want some of that. This guy in FL? Makes me NOT want to be a Christian if he's an example. UGH.

Gigi said...

You got off lucky here, because I'm running out the door to the football game - otherwise you'd get a full on rant re: the pastor down in Florida.....

But I had to stop and say I love your hair!! It's very cute and sassy!

Glad your finger is doing better too!

misssrobin said...

Yay for the good things. Sorry for the sucky things.

And your hair looks cute -- so what else really matters?

Frogs in my formula said...

I love that picture. You look like a little kid who just got busted for taking a cookie out of the cookie jar!

Lori said...

Well said on the last subject. I couldn't agree more! This is my first time here, I will definitely be back. Thanks for sharing!