Monday, September 27, 2010

My First Photo Shoot!!!

Now, before I go and get all hyper on you, I have to be honest and say that this photo shoot was... with my kids. But, I planned it ahead of time. I brought props. I made them comb their hair, as best as I could. (Convincing the boys to get a haircut is just a smidge easier than getting them to change a poopy diaper.) I had my camera ready, I had my mental list of "poses" in my head. I had an empty memory card.

Watch. Out. World.

Here's the results. I think they turned out pretty well:

Texan Mama


Stacey said...

You go Mama!! I do photo shoots with my boys (2) and seldom get them to both smile so I am thoroughly impressed. Your kiddos are precious but I absolutely adore the picture of their grubby little hands...makes me want more than two...just for a minute!!

Also a Texan Mama...currently living in ALABAMA!!

Ash said...

(in case you didn't see this on FB) Holy cow Gretchen! I kept thinking, no THAT's my favorite, and then I'd scroll down, no wait, THAT's my favorite! The hands, the feet, the faces, the black and white, really girl, you have absorbed your craft. Impressed. Sincerely.

Jen said...

Ok, these are fabulous!!! I LOVE the one with all 5 kids.

Could you hope on a plane and come take pictures on my kids?

Yeah, you are that awesome.

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

Nice work. I love all their gorgeous eyes in the picture with all 5!

Jennifer said...

I'm with Ash. I'm still not sure which one is my favorite. Sally holding the apple (?), all of their hands together, that first one of Charlie Brown, all of them laying down... I just can't decide. Really, really good job.

Bridgett said...

Man, are their eyes all that same color blue? My 3 have blue eyes but they're all different. Yours are intense.

Kirby said...

I think you did such a wonderful job!

Jennifer said...

Great job! I cannot get my kids to cooperate with me! My son is the one with the weird, unnatural posed smile and Zoe just won't be still long enough to get a sitting shot.

Did you blur the background with your lens or with editing software?

GREAT job on the B&W w/ color!

Swizz said...

Adorable! You can do a sitting with JMonster anytime. Seriously! He's been a guinea pig for 2 other photographers getting started in the past...he's great to work with. :O)

Congrats! You did an amazing job.

Foursons said...

You did great! Fantastic shots to put in your portfolio.

Together We Save said...

Oh wow - these are great pictures!!

Gigi said...

Sweetie put these in your portfolio!! If I could afford it I would send you a ticket so you could do MC's yearly photo session (which he's already grumbling about) - seriously, I would.

Leslie said...

Fabulous!! These are GREAT! Love the picture frame (i am totally going to steal that sometime)! Love the one with all 5 laying down, so coloful and sharp...and the expressions are perfect! You rocked it!!

Anna See said...

Geez Louise! These are gorgeous! Sure wish you could take pics of my kids for me...guess it's pretty far to come!

Rachael said...

You got some amazing shots - I absolutely LOVE the black and white shot of your daughter. It's gorgeous.