Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly Winners, September 12-18

Time again for Weekly Winners, a.k.a. my favorite photos of the week out of my own camera.

This one's a handful. A handsome, amazing, sweet handful.
His Name is Trouble
New Umbrella + a Sprinkler = Texas Heat Relief
New Umbrella
The Heavens Above Highway 20
The Heavens Above Highway 20
Lots of Carp. Lots, and Lots of Carp.
Lots of Fish
Happy Birthday Texan Papa!
Birthday Party
A Kiss on the Cheek
A Kiss On The Cheek
How did she grow up so fast? She'll be 11 in October.
Almost 11

Check out all the other Weekly Winners over at Sarcastic Mom! You can see the rest of my photos over on my Flickr Photostream. Have a great week!!

Texan Mama


Gigi said...

Yup, definitely winners!

Jennifer said...

PP is so beautiful and baby kisses are the best. I bet they are going to be so close.

Carp are gross. They always make feel a little gaggy.

Jen said...

love that baby kiss...and the carp. how cool!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Beautiful photos! Love the kiss and the sprinkler

Wendy said...

I so heart your pictures. You are very good!


What a wonderful set!!

Terrie said...

LOVE the sprinkler shot.

Sarah said...

The sky shot is amazing. Such a beautiful sight!!

My absolute favorite shot is the first one, though. He may be a handful, but he's definitely a handsome devil!!!

Kirby said...

Love them all! The sprinkler one is so cute!

Tara R. said...

The umbrella shot really made me laugh.

Leeanna said...

Great photos. I love the umbrella and sprinkler ... so darned cute!

Jen said...

Such beautiful photos.

Anna See said...

love, love, love your photos!!

misssrobin said...

So beautiful. Every one of them. Except the fish. Nice picture but that many fish kind of creeps me out.

I like the umbrella picture the best.

Denise said...

I absolutely can not pick a favorite. Its so, "OOh I like that one. NO wait, I like that one. OOh! I like that one!"

Missy @ My Life Ain't Always Beautiful said...

oooh I love all of the Texas shaped icon's on your blog. =)

Stopping by from weekly winners. I love the picture of the fish. Great photo's. See you next week!

mama hall said...

beautiful photos! beautiful family! beautiful moments! eeew those carp, though.