Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10 Things I Won't Buy Generic

There are just some things I like the way I like them. I won't take any substitutions. Thank God I have forgiving friends. These little idiosyncrasies could make being my friend a bit dramatic, to say the least. I try to go with the flow, but there are times when I just need to let my crazy out. And I am well aware that I need to save up my crazy for the time when I need to use it, like in an emergency. Like, say, a diet Coke emergency.

Let me say, I am glad I never lived 150 years ago. I don't know how people survived without air conditioning and refrigerators and epidurals. I guess the short answer is, they sometimes DIDN'T. But, besides just being a gal who loves to keep her home and food cool and her births medicated, I'm a gal who likes National Brand cookies. And various other things. So, without further adieu, here is MY LIST OF THINGS YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME BUYING IN GENERIC FORM.

(please stop yawning)

1. Oreos
2. Miracle Whip
3. Play-Doh
4. Laundry Detergent
5. Toilet Paper
6. toothbrushes
7. Athletic Shoes
8. diet Cola
9. Trash Bags
10. Potato Chips

Do I need to explain any of these?

1. Oreos are just Oreos. Hydrox is like the sad little wannabe of Oreo. Even the Girl Scout cookie equivalent sucks.

2. Miracle Whip has some magic ingredient called YUM that makes it good enough to be the only sandwich I'd eat consisting entirely of bread and a condiment. That's what I call substance.

3. Have you ever used generic Play-Doh. If you have, you know why I put it on this list. Generic Play-Doh leaves stains on clothes, tables, and carpet. I mean, isn't that where YOUR Play-Doh ends up? In the years that I have purchased many brands of Play-Doh, the real mccoy is the the only one that cleans up like a dream. And, it's not that more expensive either. Definitely a lot cheaper than 1000 sq. feet of new carpet.

4. I'm not fickle about the type of laundry detergent for the most part. I loves me some Tide. I think it's just the best, bar none. But, Gain does a better job if you're planning on hanging out your laundry to dry. Cheer or All are acceptable substitutes in a pinch but I wouldn't rely on them. But I would never buy just plain old generic detergent. I might as well just flush my money down the toilet. My time is worth something, and when it comes to doing laundry, the rate goes up. I don't want to stand there scrubbing spots and pre-treating forever. In my experience, that's the difference between generic and national brands.

5. Toilet Paper - I'm a Scott woman all the way. NO it doesn't feel scratchy or rough. My ass-skin is not hardened like the sole of my foot, so YES I can tell if it's soft or not. And trust me, it's soft. I mean, it doesn't feel like I'm wiping my butt with velvet or anything, but it definitely gets the job done. Scott toilet paper is WAY WAY WAY more economical than any other brand. It's not even close. And, yes, we do use a lot of toilet paper around here.

6. Toothbrushes - any brand is fine just so long as it's not generic. If you've ever brushed your teeth, then felt the little bristles swimming around in your toothpaste foam, you know what it's like to brush with a generic toothbrush. Just say yes to Oral B.

7. Athletic Shoes - I used to be of the school of thought that a pair of shoes that breaks down in half the time but only costs half as much, is just a wash. But now, I see the better support and construction in a shoe made by an actual shoe manufacturer. Plus my kids don't get hazed at school.

8. Diet Cola... Diet coke. There is no other. Ain't nothin like the real thing baby.

9. Trash bags - I've tried them all. Maybe it's my fault - I try to stuff an insane amount of garbage into my generic plastic bags. I've at least learned to look at the thickness of the bags when I buy them (I never buy below 0.90ml). But still, Hefty just knows what they're doing when they make trash bags. Seriously. It's worth a few extra bucks to not have to clean up a dirty diaper and last night's spaghetti from spilling on the driveway while I am carrying the bags up to the curb.

10. Potato Chips. Again, coming full circle, how did anyone ever live without Lay's Sour Cream and Onion potato chips? mmmm yummy goodness. And Cheetos? and my newest favorite, Tia Rosa Megathin Tortilla Chips. They are the ONLY tortilla chips I've ever tasted that really come close to restaurant tortilla chips. Unfortunately I think they are only sold in Texas and Louisiana.          Photo Courtesy of Walmart Reviews.

So, there you have it! I'd love to know, what would you never buy generic?

Texan Mama


Shannon said...

Spaghetti sauce (Ragu is HFCS-free and does not taste funny, most generics are not & do). Hunt's Ketchup, again HFCS free. Same with jellies/jams & syrups, but it's more of an HFCS-free versus a brand name thing.

Cheese slices, when I buy them (usually buy real cheese), must be Kraft. Generic cheese slice taste weird. However, generic brick cheese or shredded cheese tastes just fine? I don't get it.

Must be Nature's Own bread products, 7 Grain Honey is my favorite, but other versions will do in a pinch.

Amy said...

I do miss real brands. When we get donated clothes from the U.S I often just hold them in my hands and sniff them. You can't beat that clean clothes smell.

And now I'm craving tortilla chips. Thanks for that, really!

Gigi said...

Oh - you are making me think far too early this morning! Toothpaste, I refuse to by generic toothpaste.

And my lipstick - I only buy one kind and I don't care how much it costs - it's worth it. I put it on in the morning and it stays there all day. I've tried others that claim to do the same - they don't.

Bridgett said...

How funny--target black trash bags work fine for us; and Trader Joes laundry detergent beats its brand name...the one I won't do generic is ice cream. Bleah.

Aunt Crazy said...

I agree on all accounts except I use Angel Soft toilet paper. It's soft and it doesn't clog our septic LOL!

One other thing that I always buy brand name is Kraft mac & cheese, if I'm not making homemade, it MUST be Kraft...LOL

What is it about Hefty that makes their trash bags so great?

Aunt Crazy said...

OHHHH and I love me some Tia Rosa's chips and they have GREAT tortillas too!!!

Jennifer said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes again pretty much all the way down the list. You know how I feel about Diet Coke, and Consumer Reports even agrees with you about the Tide detergent, which is my favorite too (but this last time I got hold of some kind of funky new scent, yikes). I love those Hefty stretch bags or whatever they are called. Awesome. We buy them at Sams to save a few pennies.

mama hall said...

oh sister you MUST try the Target brand tortilla chips. They're ORGANIC! Wait...is Archer Farms "generic"?
also, i 137% agree with the Play-Doh. generic "PlayDo" is the worst. ick!
i will not buy generic makeup. or lotion. or soap. or toothpaste. or milk.

nicole said...

Also toilet paper, but I'm a Cottonelle fan.

Ice cream--I rarely buy it, but if I do I want Blue Bell, especially vanilla.

Totally agree on Oreos.

Ritz Crackers.

Kirby said...

Agreed on all those but I do use walmart brand trash bags-And I can only have Diet Dr. Pepper, not Diet Dr. Thunder, its just isnt the same, I tried to be cheap...it failed me! :)

Emily said...

Yep, I'm picky about some things too. Definitely you're right about the oreos. We don't use miracle whip, but name brand mayonnaise is a must. I don't mind a Kroger brand toothbrush though!

Ronnie said...

Ok, so I agree with most, but will say...

I won't use Miracle Whip, but I think that's just a matter of preference (Best Foods gal).

Also, I've been a Nike girl my entire life, but a few months back, I was at Disneyland and had no sneakers. I had to buy Target brand (say it isn't so!) sneakers and they're surprisingly comfortable!!

And oh yes, we only use Scott tissue in my house. Grew up with it and I agree, not scratchy! Also, it doesn't clog the toilet AND it lasts much longer. :)

Sturgmom said...

It's funny- I don't think of myself as a brand snob. And the people who won't buy generic Tylenol and Advil I just think of as ridiculous.

BUT, I'm pretty much with you on all of those things! I also will not buy generic peanut butter (Jif All Natural or Skippy All Natural), macaroni and cheese (Kraft), bread (Nature's Own Whole Wheat), and and the list goes on. So maybe I'm a brand snob after all... Who knew? I guess you really DO learn something new everyday!

Janet said...

Hmmm...the only thing I can say I 100% abide by here is the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. That's the only kind I will eat. I do agree on the shoes thing too I guess. I've tried cheap ones, and they just fall apart too fast.

SuzyQpon said...

I agree with you on several of those - name brand mayo is a MUST and I LOVE Tide! The other think I would throw on the list is chocolate chips. I am a total snob about my chocolate chips - they must be Nestle or Ghiradelli. I've tried the other brand names and the generics. They all taste like the bag they come in. I want chocolate, not waxy goo!

misssrobin said...

There are too many foods that I won't buy generic to even mention. In fact, I am brand particular on most things. I have very sensitive taste buds and I can tell the difference. If it's not good, I won't eat it no matter how much I spent on it. That's what kids are for.

But the product that came to mind as I read your post was crayons. I will not waste my money on anything but Crayola. They just don't compare. They are number one for a reason, and it's not marketing. If I need to use a crayon because it's the only thing I can find when I'm trying to write a note, it better not suck. Crayola is smooth application all the time. Love it!

Rachael said...

Saran Wrap, Reynolds Wrap, and Ziploc Bags. The generics NEVER work as well as the name brands.

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

I am SO with you on the Oreos and Diet Coke. Fake "creme filled sandwich cookies" taste funny. Diet Coke is the best, Diet Pepsi is an acceptable but lesser substitute and anything else is just gross!