Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Costumes - Perspective from the Other Side

As a kid, I longed to smother my face with the smell of a freshly-pressed plastic Halloween mask, secured with a thread-thin elastic strap. I longed for a store-bought halloween costume. This was just after the inception of Wal-Mart, when America had not yet grown into the disposable society that it is today. So, a store-bought halloween costume could conceivably last more than one trip around the neighborhood. Yet, a store-bought halloween costume was not to be for me.

I was forced, every year, to "be creative"! Which meant I had two choices: think of an original costume, or dig an old one out of the dress-up box. For a few years I wore the old faithful green alligator costume, complete with floor-dragging stuffed tail, after my older brother had outgrown it. One year, I was an Indian Native American Princess, sporting a  "suede" vest with fringe and braiding my hair down my back. Once I'd outgrown all the costumes in the dress-up box, it was time to put my noggin to work. I've posted before how once I was grapes (attaching purple balloons to a purple nightgown) and once I was a robot (basically, two boxes taped together with aluminum foil covering the outside). My costumes certainly weren't award-winning, but they were pretty original. And I can't remember if my mom lamented the whole costume-picking procedure like I do. I don't remember her telling me, "If you want to be that for Halloween, you'll have to figure it out on your own!" She might have, but I just don't remember. Makes me wonder if I'm a total be-yotch for telling my kids the same. I HATE that they leave it until 6:45, the morning of the class Halloween party, to pull their costumes together. I HATE that they suddenly have their hearts set on one very specific idea, and will not settle for looking just okay, and an inevitable meltdown occurs. I HATE that most years the kids have really unique and creative ideas, but never do anything to pull the idea off until it's too late to actually pull the costume together, and they end up just wearing something wrinkly and too-small that's been stuffed in the bottom of a box for 11 months.

I mean, how am I gonna score all their Reese's PB cups if their costumes aren't up to snuff?

Really, kids, think about who you're hurting here with your crappy sub-par costumes.

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Texan Mama


Jill said...

Hey texanmama! I HATE the meltdowns at the last minute too. But now my oldest doesn't even want to dress up. What?! He's getting too big.


Gigi said...

Really how selfish - it's like they don't *want* to score those Reese's Peanut Butter cups for you! ;-)

Shell said...

I hated the plastic costumes that I was stuck with all the time!

LOL @ the reeces cups. We've trained our boys to go for those when they have a choice!

Jennifer said...

I always do the costumes for my kids. I think I need to look into your way of doing things.