Sunday, October 24, 2010

Silly Socks and More - Weekly Winners 10/17-10/23

WOW! Two posts in one day from me. I know, y'all are so lucky. You're welcome. :-)

This is my usual Sunday post for Weekly Winners, hosted by Lotus a.k.a. Sarcastic Mom. (In case you didn't notice, I also have another photography post up today about Photography Tips for Dummies. Check it out!) And, I'd love it if you wanted to check out my other photos on my Flickr Photo Stream.

Silly Socks
Silly Socks

Silly Girl on a Tricycle
Tricycle Girl

Patterned Brick
Brick Pattern

SITS Bloggy Boot Camp!
Bloggy Boot Camp Austin 2
Bloggy Boot Camp Austin 1
Jennifer and Me
Me & Jennifer
Swizz and Me
Me & Swizz

Texan Mama


Rachel said...

I'm SO envious you got to go to Boot Camp! I really wanted to.

I love the silly socks and the silly girl ;-)

Sarah said... went to boot camp. *sigh* One of these days I'll get out there.

Crystal said...


I did not get to meet you yesterday at BBC but I grabbed your card off one of the tables.

I am here in Texas too- DFW area.

Great site you have here.

Shout out to the Texans!

Jen said...

nice event! and cool socks!

Donna said...

Those socks are too cute! So sweet that you were able to attend the boot camp!

Terrie said...

i need those socks! so fun and crazy.

Gigi said...

Love that silly girl on a tricycle. And her skirt! How cute.

Jennifer said...

Your photo turned out better than mine, of course. But I'm smiling better in mine. LOL

Love that photo of Sally on the tricycle.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the socks & the bricks!

Swizz said...

Adorable pics!

I LOVE the one of the two of us!! Love it! Will you send me a copy? Can I totally put it on MY blog, too? :O)

Denise said...

I have a terrible weakness for crazy socks! Love those!

Great shots, all of them. I really like the shot of the table number and taking notes.

Jennifer said...

Looks like y'all had a blast @ boot Camp! And I love the silly sock pic! The colors are awesome!