Monday, November 22, 2010

My Wedding Dress Story

So, lately I've been watching re-runs of "Say Yes To The Dress" on Netflix. I just LOVE that show. It's so fun to watch other women trying on dresses for weddings and vow renewals. I love all the drama that goes along with it too.

I have to admit, though, I'm floored by how much money some women invest in a wedding dress. This is the most special day of their lives and they should look absolutely stunning. But, I just cannot imagine parting with $5000 for a dress that I'll wear for 12 hours, then most assuredly never wear again. And, oh my word, what about the women who part with $10K or $20K for a dress. A DRESS?!?! I could totally use money like that to buy a car or put my kids through (some) college or even take an incredibly awesome honeymoon!!! I just don't get that. I especially don't get what a parent is thinking when their daughter tells them she wants a dress for that much money.

However, being a parent, I am now acutely aware of how I am going to be completely FALLING APART whenever my baby girls try on wedding dresses. It will be the realization that they are leaving me and going to start their own lives. WAAAHHHH... Okay, that's far off in the future. No need to hyperventilate now. 

I think, if I were to shop at Kleinfeld's (the location of the show "Say Yes to the Dress") I would be laughed out of the store. When I bought my wedding dress, I was primarily concerned about price. My parents were footing the entire bill but I was still conscious of the price tag of every dress I tried on, and I was not going to take advantage of a blank check (for the exact reasons I stated above about what better ways I could be using that money.)

I'd love to show you a photo of my dress, but I'm not going to.

Not right now anyway.

I want you to come back next Monday to see a picture of me in my wedding dress. And you post a picture of you in your wedding gown on your own blog too! I'll have a Mr. Linky set up for you to share your post with everybody else. It can be a picture of you with your husband, or ex-husband, or just you by yourself. It can be with your kids or with your bridesmaids or with your parents or however you like. I am just so curious to hear all about the stories behind other people's dresses - especially the people I know.

So, next Monday, write your own Wedding Dress Story! Post pictures and tell us all about how you came to buy the dress of your dreams. Was there any drama in the whole experience? EVEN BETTER!!! Dish it, sister! Then come back here and link up so we can all read the links from each other.

See You Next Monday!!!

Texan Mama


Jennifer said...

Oh this is a great idea! I hope I can remember to do it.

ashley said...

Super cute idea! I'm all about a walk down memory
lane when it comes to my dress!

Skip'sMKGirl said...

I have been wanting to tell my 'dress story' thanks for the encouragement to do so, can't wait to link up!

Crystal said...

What a great idea. I totally want to play along too! But none of my wedding pics are digital...and alas, no scanner either! Darn it!! But this is such a super great idea.

J said...

I totally want to do this! Mostly because you and I are complete opposites and I am not a huge fan of weddings, even my own :-) Is that OK? I do have pictures and I will tell the story!

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

@Crystal - maybe sometime between now and Monday you could find a friend who can scan the photos and save them to a thumb drive so you can upload it? Or maybe you could put your dress back on and take a photo of it now! Even if you don't have a picture, we still want to hear the story!!

@J - of course you should tell it. I love to hear non-traditional stories too. Everyone's story is unique and special and the telling of it makes it all the more beautiful!

Jen said...

I LOVE that show.

And I LOVE this idea.

Totally going to play.

PS, can you remind me over the weekend. ;)

Jamie said...

What a fantastic idea. I have had two weddings, so I have two dress stories. I actually got to pick the dress for my second wedding. That in itself is a story. LOL Will try to link it up Monday.

Karen said...

This will be fun!

Crystal said...

What about the ladies that spend thousands and buy multiple dresses. I remember one Indian Princess that bought a wedding dress and an after wedding dress that were both like $10,000+ each. And if I remember correctly she also had multiple ceremonies.... and bought dresses for each ceremony.

People do spend crazy $$ on that show. I love watching it though but we seem to get stuck on Disney or Nick.... I need to show my kids' who's boss and bore them with endless episodes of Say Yes to the Dress! :)

Anonymous said...

I so love "Say Yes to the Dress!" I think I love it more because I have 5 sons - and I so need a girl outlet, with girl words! What a great idea!

My pict is at this post:

Sandra said...

It's a great idea! I hope I remember to come back and link up! I'm writing myself a note right now!