Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Winners 11/14-11/20 - It's Finally Fall

Hi again. Welcome to my Weekly Winners! For those of you who don't know what this is... it's just a chance for you to show off your best photography shots of the week. This is just the BEST of all worlds for me... I don't have to submit a photos for judging, I don't have to take a photo every day, I don't have to stand on a bench or take a self-portrait, I can just take photos of whatever I want. Not that I couldn't improve by forcing myself to take pictures of other things besides my kids, but.... I might focus on that when I'm not surrounded by 10 little legs tracking mud into the house and 5 (not-so) little mouths asking me for help with homework, a snack, and if they can watch TV. All usually in the same breath.

You can participate no matter what level of photographer you are. Even if your only camera is on your phone. It's all good.

I saw over on Steamy Kitchen, they are giving away a Tamron zoom macro lens. HELLO BABY COME TO ME. I'd L-O-V-E to win it. I know my chances suck but c'mon, someone has to win, right? Why not me??? The contest is open until 11/30 so hop on over there and enter for yourself! Wait, no don't! That will decrease my chances!!! On second thought, maybe you shouldn't!!!!

Okay, so, on to my weekly winners.... hosted, by the way, by the lovable Lotus (aka Sarcastic Mom).

Swingin' High

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Holding Hands
Holding Hands




There were SO many other wonderful pictures this week. To see them, check out my Flickr Photostream.
Texan Mama


Annette said...

I love these pictures. AND I love your blog.

I'm sending an award your way:

Congrats on being wonderful!

Tara R. said...

A great capture on 'swingin' - that one happy smile. And, sisters? Priceless.

Rachel said...

OH. I love these so much!
Swingin' is such a fantastic action capture-- the hair caught up in the wind.. (sigh)

Holding hands is such a beautiful image, love.

and yes, she is beautiful!


I'm a sucker for swinging shots!

But, the ALDI on the cart got to me. I really miss that store. Talk about making your money stretch---shop at Aldi! I'll go cry now. Thanks. :P

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great captures. I especially love the swing one.

Gigi said...

I think the swinging shot is my favorite. Or maybe the hands. Or maybe the one captioned beautiful. Or....heck, I love them all! Hope you win!

Sarah said...

The swinging shot is wonderful!! But, my breath actually caught on the final shot...beautiful is just not strong enough a word!! I love it!!!

Foursons said...

I think this is by far your best week of photos. They are all gorgeous, but I stared extra long at the swing shot. So beautiful. I can't get over how much your girls look alike too.

Terrie said...

really great set this week! my favorites are swinging and holding hands. holding hands is so simple, yet really beautiful

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I love swinging!

Jen said...

love the variety here, I totally love to swing!!

Denise said...

Swingin' is pure photo perfection. What a wonderful capture!

Holding hands is beautiful as well.

Great shots!

Wendy said...

She is beautiful. And the two little ones look so much alike! Also less than thrilled to be shopping... lol.

Mama Zen said...

The hands picture just melted my heart!

Anonymous said...

I love the holding hands picture. How sweet. =) Have a great week.

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Fabulous pictures!