Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly Winners, Turkey Day Edition

Weekly Winners, hosted by Lotus. Pop over there to see the other awesome weekly winners too!

First of all, I wanted to let you know that I've started a separate blog about learning and improving my photography! It's called One Thousand Words. I am hoping that I can get some folks to participate. It's going to be a place where we'll work on a specific technique each week, and then at the end of the week we'll critique each other's photos. No winners or losers, just encouragement and growth. No one is required to participate every week. I am just hoping that I can learn a thing or two and that I can get a few people to teach me what I don't know that I don't know! 

This last week I saw my baby turn ONE YEAR OLD. Where has the time gone?



Now I see what you see


Jumping to catch some leaves

As always, I'd love for you to visit my Flickr Photostream.
Texan Mama


Gigi said...

Where HAS the time gone???? I remember when she was born - just yesterday!

Yay you for starting the new blog. I'll be sure to check in - I'm sure you'll have PLENTY to teach me! Says the woman who consistently cuts off heads and has blurry photos.

smock4fun said...

Soooooo, what happened to blogging less??? Isn't that what you said a couple of weeks ago???

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

HI smock4fun. I don't know if you'll be reading this or not, but I couldn't comment to you directly since you don't have a Blogger profile (or you've elected for it to be private).

I believe what I said is that I'm going to be doing less and doing things that are more important to me. I've already cut back my number of posts (may not seem like it to you, but I have). I am commenting less on other blogs. And, right now, photography is important to me so I'm going to work on that. It may not be a huge success but I'm going to try. I want to learn, and I want to get better, and short of taking a job with a professional photographer I don't know how to do that. Plus I need to learn at a time that is good for me and most photographers don't work after 9pm on weeknights.

So, thanks for your question, I hope that cleared it up. And if you think I'm posting too much for your personal taste, I won't be offended if you decided to skip over my blog. I understand because I do it too to some of the blogs I read. That's what I meant a few weeks back - finding what's important and focusing on that.

misssrobin said...

Great shots -- especially the one of the photographer.

Best wishes in your new endeavor.

Denise said...

Happy 1st Birthday! AWWWW!

Great shots!! I'll come check out your new blog right now... You have me super curious now.

Jennifer said...

I love the one of Sally catching the leaf, and of course of the birthday girl.

Anna See said...

LOVE the photos! Happy bday, little one!

Terrie said...

happy birthday and thanksgiving! great leaf shots. i'm going to check out your new blog-i definitely want to learn more...

Jennifer said...

I love the one of the leaves and sky!!

Rachel said...

AWWW Happy FIRST! She's too priceless!

I love the gorgeous colors in the tree and the one of the leaf drifting down to her, beautiful.

Sarah said...

The picture of the leaves is just beautiful...but my favorite is the last one...just adorable!

Of course, it goes without saying that any picture with cake on the face of a 1 year old is just perfect and happy and brings on bright smiles :D

izzy said...

Wow you take gorgeous shots! I love the last picture!!

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