Monday, January 17, 2011

I Love My Local Thrift Store

Friday is my day when I get a break from mothering. Sort-of. Older 3 Peanuts are at school, and Sally goes to Mother's Day Out. So, Violet and I get some time to go run errands together. This week I went to our local thift store, being motivated by seeing some darn cute kiddos in the everyday pictures of some photo blogs that I read.

I was not disappointed.

I got all the clothes pictured below, plus another long-sleeved t-shirt by Talbot's kids. Total: $32.

Most everything I bought was $1 or $2. Actually, the most expensive things I bought were #19 & #20 ($4 each) for Charlie Brown and it turns out he doesn't even like them. I guess I'll save them for Linus or just resell them at the next consignment sale.

#18, I probably shouldn't have bought because it's not even a size my kids can wear. It's 12 mos, but it is LAURA ASHLEY. And it's in PERFECT condition. And it has SMOCKING across the top. And it has matching bloomers. AND IT WAS $2. YES, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? TWO DOLLARS. For that price I'll sell it at our local JBF sale. Even with the fees deducted, I am sure I'll sell it for a profit.

Look at #16! Isn't that adorable? It's a little fleece hooded shawl. I guess you can call it a shawl even though it's not crocheted by somebody's gramma. It has a little snowflake in the middle of it. It's red and a tiny bit pink and I though it looked very Valentine-ey. It was a whopping 99 cents.

All of the pieces are just so perfect-o because they can all be mixed together. Even the dresses that are the baby's size, my toddler could wear as a longish shirt with leggings underneath. I love the idea of mixing the plaids and polka dots and stripes. WHEE!!!

Isn't that hat adorable? Also, red & pink & very valentine-ey. Texan Papa said, "Don't we have a million hats?" Why, yes we do. But they are so boring. And for only a buck, we can always use one more.

I almost forgot, I also got a glass 15 gallon aquarium for my kids (with a screen top, so maybe my son will finally have his dream realized of getting a lizard. And.... maybe we'll just put a hermit crab in there. Or plants.) It was $10, bringing the total up to $42.

Not too shabby for 30 minutes of shopping.

Texan Mama


Michelle Saunderson said...

When my kids were little I used to get all their clothes from yard sales and thrift stores. You can find great deals.

Gigi said...

You totally scored!! They are all so very cute! *almost* makes me wish I had a little girl to dress up!

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I hit the consignment shops, today, too!

I drug some of Elodie's baby outfits in and scored $35! They weren't taking summer stuff yet or I would have made a lot more--but they wanted me to bring it back in a couple months.

I invested the money right back into winter coats and heavy jackets for both kids. The $1 and $2 clearance stuff was really, horribly picked over. No big deals for me today--but scoring winter coats is a load off my mind! I won't be caught blowing $40 per coat next fall.

mama hall said...

GOOD FINDS! i love a bargain, especially on barely-used kids clothes. good use of your kid-free time, too :)

Jennifer said...

You are the best thrift store shopper ever. I've never done very good shopping at thrift stores. I need someone to teach me.

Shannon said...

AWESOME! That's my kind of shopping!

Crystal said...

Love me some thrift shopping! Where do you go?

I love:

Goodwill (on half priced day)
Bearly Used (Keller)
Grateful Buys (Colleyville)
Once Upon a Child

You scored some awesome stuff. I love the photo collage.