Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Winners, Jan 16-22

Hi Peeps.
Linking up again over at Lotus' Place. Check it out for other awesome Weekly Winners!

Rock Star
Rock Climbing

New Haircut

Giving the new boots a road test

baby reflection

Happy Birthday to me (Friday the 21st - thank you to all the well wishes on Facebook!)
happy birthday to me

A surprise from Nintendo (I'm a brand ambassador for them! Woot!)

True Love
Gazing into each other's eyes
(this is from a shoot I did this week. I'm still working on building my business. I can do it!)

Thanks for looking! You can check out my 365 project and my Flickr Photostream for more pictures too!

Texan Mama


Tara R. said...

Love the puddle jumpin' boots!

Gigi said...

Happy, happy Birthday!!! (How did I miss it?!)

Love, love, love the Reflection photo!!

And that's a great looking haircut too!

Jennifer said...

Love the puddle jumping and I think the new haircut looks great.

Sarah said...

YAy for puddle jumping!!

My favorites are definitely the reflection and True Love. So wonderful on both of them :D

Donna said...

That new haircut looks great on you! I love that look. That last photo from your shoot is so sweet. Perfect!

Denise said...


Reflection is adorable. Love the new hair cut. And that last shot? Wonderful moment captured. Speaks volumes!

Jennifer said...

as always- great pictures! I love the rock wall and the reflection! Cute haircut! And, we are just a year apart- I turned 38 on Jan 13.

nicole said...

Cute hair! That reflection picture is amazing.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday! Your hair is so pretty.

I don't care if you turn into a photo blog... I love it. Your pictures are so great.