Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Winners, Jan 2-8

This week marked the first full week of me doing my 365 project. So far I have a mix of excitement and comparison anxiety - which I'm working on! I am trying to change that attitude of, "Man they are SO much better than me. My pictures are lame." into "Man, that's cool. I should try that!" and "I never thought of that!" I want this project to make me GROW, not make me feel bad. (It's all just in my head. I am working on getting more confident with my photography and I think a year of pushing myself with this project will do that.)

Anyway, just a few random shots from this week! Most of these are the ones that didn't make it into the 365 project, for one reason or another.  See the other weekly winners over at Lotus' place!


Ummm... manners???
pudding is too yummy to be wasted

Oh, to be young and swinging on the backyard swing with my brother...
Backyard Swingin'

Picking up Girl Scout Cookies - yes it took us 2 hours in line.
Cookies Now! Line

But it was worth it.
GS Cookies


My gorgeous daughter is getting so big (SOB!)
Gorgeous Daughter

Spoon Reflection

Check out all my other photos on my Flickr Photostream and on my 365 project blog.

Texan Mama


Tara R. said...

Ooohhh... I really like the swing shot, the black and white effect and the sun flare are wonderful.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love manners!!!

tara said...

yum! girl scout cookies! i need some -- and we just moved so i never ordered.

Karin said...

They are all fantastic, but I think I like the swing shot the best. It is absolutely beautiful.


I love that shot of the swing, too!

And, I'm soooooooo glad I don't know any Girl Scouts!!

Sarah said...

I'm doing P365 too. Just ignore others shots, and do ones that speak to YOU! You'll find you LOVE those shots all the more ;)

I love the manners shot! I catch my kids doing that ALL the time!

Heather said...

I love the swing shot, and the self portrait! That is such an awesome idea! Great shots! Thank you for sharing!

Crystal said...

Oh girl I always love your pictures! And holy cookie line!!! OMGoodness. The black and white swing shot is gorgeous!! Also, the little one licking her pudding...pricelesss!! Your tween daughter jumping is also wonderful!

Carrie Thompson said...

I LOVE the jumping one, just that you CAUGHT it and it is in focus amazes me! But the licking... LOVE it!

Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) said...

So many great shots! I love that licking one, with the lovely light bokeh in the background. :)

Jen said...

great set, you have a fun family. I would kill for some girl scout cookies too right now!

Denise said...

I. Love. This. Set.

The swinging shot is my favorite... such a wonderful memory captured.

Terrie said...

the swing shot is amazing, a perfect moment captured in time. your daughter licking off the counter is so fun. (so me! :)

Jennifer said...

That swing shot is great!

We don't get our cookies until February. I think it is weird that they do it different everywhere.