Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Organizing Kids' Hats And Gloves

It is so rare that I actually get a good idea, when it happens I jump up and down and pat myself on the back.

thump thump thumpity thump

(that's the sound of me patting myself on the back)

I have hats and scarves and mittens for 5 children, plus two adults. That is maddening, especially when kids come in from the snow, needing a new pair of gloves or mittens because the pair they have on is cold and wet. How many times I've searched and cursed and ended up sending my kids out in one blue mitten and one green glove!

During the snow days last week (FOUR! Yes, FOUR! Clearly, 2 inches of snow throws the city into a state of emergency) I needed to get the kids to do something, so I forced them to sit and match up all the gloves & mittens. Then, I had to find a better storage space than our current one - a giant plastic Rubbermaid tub. So, I used one of these shoe sorter thingys, and it seems to work like a charm:
hat and glove organizer

hat and glove organizer 2

These little mittens are just waiting to keep some baby fingers warm. So cute! Got 'em at the Target Dollar Spot.
tiny mittens

As an aside, I *LAUGHED* when the news about the snow pre-empted the Today show (after the regular local morning show) for 3 full hours. Really? This is a story that's so newsworthy that it can fill 5+ hours of air time? ON FOUR NETWORK STATIONS??? I almost rolled on the floor when the newscaster updated us that extra snowplows were coming in to clear the snow. With the new additional trucks, DFW would be up to 40 SNOW PLOWS!!! YES, 40!

On the flilp side, if Canadians had to deal with multiple days of 100+ degree weather, they'd probably pre-empt the Canadian version of the Today show  with stories of additional A/C units being brought in on dogsleds.

Texan Mama


GunDiva said...

I love your idea!

Storm just came in to Colorado. 20* drop in temp in the last hour. Snow blowing up to 44 mph. Now I don't feel guilty about enjoying the good weather we had when everyone else was getting hammered.

Wendy said...

Yeah, all our Texas relatives are completely freaking out. Everyone I know from places where this happens all the time are all, "meh. What's 6 inches either way?"

It did freak me out that my hubby's grandpa got almost 20 inches up in Tulsa. Wow.

Your sorting idea is pure genius, BTW. That would have SO helped when we lived in the Rocky Mountains.

misssrobin said...

Great idea.

And, yeah, a couple of inches of snow? That would be like the sky spitting on us here. We'd barely consider that snow.

I'll take that warm weather you're talking about though.

Gigi said...

I love the shoe sorter idea - I use one for hair products, deodorant, extra bottles of shampoo, etc. but I would have never thought to use it for mittens, etc.

I know what you mean about the city shutting down - even here when it snows just a couple of inches we are snowbound. The City always acts so surprised - like it never snows here.

Jen said...

This is the most fabulous idea ever!

I love it.

Bridgett said...

Yup it's all perspective. I remember when I lived in dallas, a 2 inch snow storm meant we didn't get MAIL. And here in STL, the Chicago natives whine when their kids have a snow day. But whose old people die in the heat waves? Not ours.

My gloves/mittens/hats are all in a basket behind the couch. LOSER!! I should do this.

Jennifer said...

Dude. We don't do snow. Bring on the hurricanes, but the snow needs to go.

Anna See said...

Super cute tip! Stay warm!

Jennifer said...

For once.. y'all got the snow.. and we didn't. We just got rain. And I was soooooo happy!

That Janie Girl said...

Amen, sistah!!

Crystal said...

Excellent idea!!! i have one downstairs just collecting dust. In theory it's supposed to be corralling my shoes...but not so much!!!

Frogs in my formula said...

That's an awesome idea. You're fabulous.

The news of the snow is making me nutso too. I know we've gotten a lot in CT but hello, it's winter. White stuff falls from the sky. Has been for years.

Annie said...

I'm in Pennsylvania. Snow is hardly news anymore... Hurry spring!!!!!

As for the shoe sorter... I've been using one for a few years now! I have a very long one inside the closet by the front door, so I also have a pocket for the dog leashes & brushes, and pruners - for cutting flowers.