Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Winners, 2/13-2/19

Weekly Winners again (hosted by the very lovely Lotus, aka Sarcastic Mom). And, can I say, I love my 365 project. And I hate it. I love being forced to think about creative way to take pictures. And, I hate putting myself behind the camera when I don't feel like it.

All in all, I think I am learning & growing simply by doing it.

So, this week, we had gorgeous weather here in TX so that allowed us to get outside more.

Here's some of my photos from this week!

My little one blowing you a kiss!

Movie Night In (The only light was coming from the TV. This was a really cool shot to get!)
Movie Night In

Self-Portrait - Happy. (Taken with my P&S)
self-portrait - happy

Game ON! (We just finished a Wii Mario Sports Mix tournament with Carrie from CarrieLoves. They eeked out a victory, but it was close!)
Game On!

My Wedding Band (A photograph from the Joy of Love project, being taught by Kelly Willette).
wedding band

Making a tie-dye shirt. I didn't even know those kits were around anymore!

I hope your week was relaxing and happy and I hope you're starting this week in a good way!

Texan Mama


Jennifer said...

As always, great shots! You are growing and your photos are becoming more and more amazing. I love the lighting in the first shot and how you enhanced her eyes (and I'm jealous of the weather!). The one with the tv light is great too. I am suddenly having trouble with low-light shots. They are coming out grainy and I tried lowering the ISO, but there is a lot of noise in them.

Sarah said...

Love the series! It's good to be challenged. I'm doing the same thing...but I'm using a prop to challenge me further in my 365. I havne't started posting them yet, because I want to be ahead of it a little...Make sure I'm going to follow through before I start posting *lol*

I love the wedding band shot. Very lovely.


I loooooove your "selfy pee"!!


Gigi said...

That first one stole my heart! As always, I love all your shots. And I'm glad to be seeing more of you in them too!

Rachael said...

Tie Die! So fun!

Jennifer said...

I love the TV shot and her Hello Kitty pj's. So cute. And you know how much I love Sally. Maybe you can just send her down here to hang out with me and Bud!

Terrie said...

the movie night shot is very cool! the lighting is what really makes it stand out.

leslie@gleaninggrace said...

I am really liking the tv shot is really super cool!

Laura said...

That little madam in the first shot is beautiful!

The shot of the hand is also very special!

misssrobin said...

So much to love in these photos. The kiss is adorable, the tv shot is magical, the self-portrait is beautiful.

All are wonderful!

Ashley Marie said...

Great shots! Stopping by from SITS.

Joy@TPMG said...

Those are such great shots!

Anna See said...

Great pics! Can't believe that incredible shade of blue of your daughter's eyes.

Anna See said...

Great pics! Can't believe that incredible shade of blue of your daughter's eyes.