Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Winners, Feb 6-12

Hi Friends. It's time for Weekly Winners again.

I wanted to post some pictures I've been doing for Willette's Joy of Love project. I'm not really feeling the love this week, but I'm plugging along.

Every day has a point of inspiration or prompt. I'll show my photo along with the prompt. I hope I did them all (???)

Day 6: Who They Love - I love my kids, my husband, my parents, my in-laws, my siblings, and my friends.

Day 7: Generations - My family lives far away (like, plane-ride far away) so I just submitted this photo from my parents' visit back in December.
My daughter & My mom

Day 8: Gift from the Heart
photo fail. But really, how do I give myself a gift? Maybe, the gift of self-acceptance??? I should have photographed a picture of my first serious camera, a Canon Powershot SX10IS, from 2 years ago. I worked odd jobs & saved for that camera for a long time & paid for it with cash, my own hard-earned money. It felt so good.

On a separate note, here's a photo I actually did take on day 8:
my tongue

Day 9: Passions and Hobbies
Again, photo fail. My passion right now is photography. That and BSF. It's weird to admit that Bible Study is a passion for me right now but it is. It's studying the Bible but it's also giving me that bit of respite care that I need each week: adult interaction with my peers. Sometimes, it feels nice to go somewhere and mix with people who are like me, but don't know me. I can tell a funny story that I've told before, because it's new to them! I can get to know new people. I can open the door to new friendships.

Again, as an aside, here's a photo from day 9.
Still Cold Here in TX

Day 10: Space - Where they are comfortable
Okay now I REALLY considered doing this photo (but I didn't). I thought it would be uber boring to post a picture of my computer desk. I am not feeling the creativity this week. I just have had to chase kiddos a lot this week and deal with taxes and bills and I'm just pooped! But here's a photo from Day 10 anyway:
Painted mask

Day 11: Dreams
Okay, back on track. Did this one. I dream of being a photographer. I dream of being creative. I dream of not talking myself out of it.
Texan Mama

Day 12: The Eyes
This photo, I can't tell if it's overexposed or not. I have learned that actually overexposing is more pleasing to the eye (or so I've been told) because the photos look brighter and crisper and pop more. I still think they're too bright for my taste, but apparently I don't know what I'm talking about! ha ha
(**Edited: I did go back and pull back the highlights a little bit, but now there's a little shadow on her forehead. Maybe it's not the exposure... maybe it's the photographer! LOL)


Oh, and MY eyes.
my eyes

Here's hoping that I do better next week!

Texan Mama


Denise said...

I LOVE THIS so hard. This is such an amazing series, and its filled with so much love that I can't possibly pick a favorite image. Wonderful shots.

Gigi said...

I love that picture of you. And you know that those eyes just melt my heart - she's such a doll.

Sarah said...

Sometimes we all struggle...especially when we choose ourselves as a subject for love. We are our own worst critics, and when we fail, even a little, we hold a grudge against ourselves far longer than we would for others.

Terrie said...

i think i would have a hard time photographing a prompt every day. i also have a hard time with exposure and telling what is just right, because i don't trust my eyes, and my camera has certainly known to be wrong. but lovely eyes, regardless!

Donna said...

The Eyes photo is awesome. Those baby blues so do shine! I struggle with exposure and I totally hear what you are saying about overexposed photos. They do seem to look crisper but sometimes I feel details can be lost, but then again they do seem popular so I guess I don't know what I am talking about either. lol

Jennifer said...

Sally is so, so pretty. And I'm not just saying that. She really is so, so pretty.

And I really like the photo of you with the camera. It looks like you. If you know what I mean.

And that expression on Violet's face in the first one is priceless.

Bridgett said...

Oh my gosh your eyes are so pretty up close!

leslie@gleaninggrace said...

Your little Violet must have so much personality! She is just adorable and I really like the pic of you with the camera. I think that one probably shows a lot of your personality (although I don't know you in RL and am just guessing from your writing).
Keep sharing them!

misssrobin said...

Love these.

Keep pluggin' along. You'll get through it.

mama hall said...

awesome as usual, even if you did defy the prompts a little bit :) and...BSF is a hobby/passion? I LOVE THAT. God loves that. Keep on keepin' on. SEe you tomorrow @ BSF :)