Friday, March 11, 2011

Keeping Up!

I think it's a common thread among bloggers that we all love comments. I mean, really, who wouldn't? How can I get MORE comments? How can I connect with people? How can I get people to keep coming back to my blog?

And, another common thread among bloggers is keeping up with the pace of constantly-deliverd posts through a feed reader, and Twitter, and Facebook, and LinkdIn, and StumbleUpon, and Pinterest, etc. I don't even know what half of those do, I just know that if I had more time in the day I'd probably be doing them.

I have no idea how to keep up with comments AND read blog posts. I used to comment to everyone who left a comment to me... or at least I tried to. Then I stopped replying to simple comments like "Love this!" or "Thank you." or "I agree!" I would save my replies for longer responses. But now, I worry about all the folks who are commeting and I wonder if I ever comment on THEIR blogs. I am sure there are people I follow and comment on their blogs but who never comment to me or read my blog. And yet, I feel weird if someone comments to me and I don't visit their blog. Seems rude or something.

I was trying to read my Google Reader and comment from there, but it's getting daunting. My Google Reader hits 100 unread posts in just a day or two, then I frantically comb over the posts, skimming and hitting the highlights, and inevitably doing the "mark all as read". (And I love how Google has a pop up box, asking me, ARE YOU SURE? Like, 'HEY STUPID, IF YOU CAN'T READ ALL THESE WHY ARE YOU SUBSCRIBED TO THEM???' Good question.) Lately, though, I've started finding who comments on my posts, and then from their comment I go to their blog and comment on their posts. Seems more reciprocal that way.

I don't know what a good answer is. My buddy Jennifer is like the queen of comments. No matter where I go, she's already been there and commented. I don't know how she does it. I'd love to know her secrets. And yours! How about you? How do you decide when to comment? And to whom? And how often???

Texan Mama


nicole said...

I don't get a ton of comments, so keeping up with them is fairly easy. Which is good, although I of course wish I had more readers. I always try to reply back or visit anyone who is new to my blog. I wish everyone would have a reply email address because that makes it so much easier. I can't read all of my regular blogs in one day anymore, and I have given up on keeping up with a lot of them. I read whatever is on the front page and try to comment, even if it is just to say something simple and short. Even though I hate people who only use Twitter to "pimp" their blogs I do follow links from there more often (like I followed yours today!).

Gigi said...

I don't get that many comments - so keeping up with that is fairly easy. Plus the ones I do get come to my phone as an email so I can usually just shoot off a reply from there.... IF they've enabled a reply email address (this is my biggest pet peeve - people who don't.). As for keeping up with blogs - that's not too difficult as I don't follow that many either. I will visit new followers or commenters, but I refuse to commit to following until I know that they will consistently have something that I will want to read as I hate to un-follow (hence, I'm stuck with some that I have absolutely no interest in).

So, basically, I just told you - in the most long-winded way - that I don't have any advice. Sorry.

misssrobin said...

I almost never reply to comments I get on my blog. If there is a question or something really hits me, then I will.

Every time I get a new follower I visit their blog and thank them for visiting mine. Then I read through a few posts and try to comment. If I like what I read, then I will follow. If it doesn't appeal to me then I won't. I don't feel the need to follow someone because they follow me. I feel like my writing is my offering. If that's not enough thanks for them following me then they can move on and I'll be fine.

When I get behind (which doesn't hit a hundred but easily hits 30 in a day or two) then I tend to read and run to catch up. I am also less likely to leave a comment for someone who has lots of comments. I only have so much time and I want to leave comments for people who aren't getting any if I can.

I comment when I have something to add and to validate. My purpose in commenting is to try to understand and support the writer. I only offer a contrary opinion if asked.

I want people to be glad I was there and feel better about themselves when I leave. We all need more genuine support.

And I NEVER leave false comments. If I don't have anything nice and true to say, then I say nothing. What I write is honest. Always.

Jen said...

For me, I stopped making getting comments the purpose of my blogging. Sure comments are awesome and I like them but I want my focus to be on creating quality content that people want to read.

That being said, I comment when the mood/post strikes me even on the blogs that I have been reading forever.

This is why WP is fabulous b/c I can respond and interact within my comment section. If someone leaves me a really, really awesome comment, I will go to their blog.

That's how I do it. :)

Foursons said...

I used to comment on everyone's blog but it got to be to much of a chore and I was constantly on my computer. Now I comment if a post leaves me w/something I want to say. Otherwise I just "x" out. There is no easy answer though.

GunDiva said...

I comment on only a few of the blogs that I follow. My blogroll has something like 120 blogs - thank God not everybody posts every day or I'd never get anything done. I mostly lurk and only comment if I've got something to add.

As for received comments, I'll reply to them in email, just to let the commenter know that I appreciate their comments.

Amy said...

I only comment when the person says something that moves me. Occasionally, if someone comments on my blog, I'll go visit them and try to leave a comment behind as a kind gesture. Otherwise, if they are in my reader, I will only click over if I have something to add to the conversation.

You might want to check out It works off your Google Reader list but is much easier to manage. you can scan your blog list and choose what you can to read rather than having to scroll through every post. There are also options to the Mark as Read. It's not all or nothing.

Ginny Marie said...

When I get a comment, I try to visit that person's blog back, but like some of the other people above, I don't get that many comments. It's been pretty easy for me to keep up. But I do struggle with reading other blogs and commenting, especially since I should be active in Twitter, BlogFrog and Facebook to help my blog grow! And then real life keeps getting in the way...such a dilemma! :)

Heather said...

I try to respond to most of my comments, but sometimes I will miss a post or two and then I prioritize. If it was a "substantia" post and the comments were more reflective than I will respond.
I also try to "comment back" when someone comments which can get overwhelming. I try to alternate days - one day I write, one day I comment, etc. I also have a lot of blogs I follow so when I am on a blog reading day I usually go to my "favorites" first and catch up on them and then start to go through the list - sometimes stating at the end, sometimes at the beginning, sometimes in the middle. That way I can hit everyone at least one every couple of weeks. I do have to look over the blogs I subscribe to though because many are ones that I am not interested in their content - can relate to them - but I have such blogger guilt in unsubscribing. It feels like such a rejection! I think I need therapy! I hope that helps a little!

Jennifer said...

I am in a perpetual state of "way behind on my blog reading". I don't have the time- plain and simple. So, then when I pull up my dashboard and have loads of blogs to sift through, I skim for my favorites, my bloggy friends that support me and sometimes a really interesting title will catch me. But, I always try to read and comment on the bloggers that support me as well (you are one of them!) As for replying to comments... I am still not very good at that. I really should reply to everything, but I just don't. It really is just as simple as if I have the extra time to do it, then I will, if I don't, I won't.

Jennifer said...

I have no idea how I do it, but my house is a disaster so that's probably a clue.

Sturgmom said...

I have no secrets, as I'm a loust blog commenter. Especially lately {blush}.

I've even been a really bad blog reader lately. But if you discover a great secret to keeping up and commenting, please share!