Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

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*So, please tell me I'm not the only parent who has to take the chairs and put them on top of the dining table whenever we're not eating. Otherwise the baby will pull the chairs out and climb up them, get on top of the table and dump out the salt & pepper, or else just teeter close to the edge, threatening to fall. It is making. Me. CRAAAZZZYYYY!!!!

*I am getting sick to death of feeling like my free time needs to be used to do work. Like, once the kids are in bed and it's 9pm, I want to sit down and relax but what do I do? Ironing. Pay bills. Fold laundry. Wash dishes. I think it's sick that I say to my husband, "Honey can you watch the kids so I can vacuum and put these toys away?" WTH??? I mean, I know motherhood is no picnic but I think it's nuts that I have to hurry up and get the kids to bed at night, just so I can GET MORE WORK DONE. *insert exhausted sigh here*

*I win. I don't know if you were reading me last year, but my yard was getting that drug-den look about it, and I called Scott's Lawn Service to take care of it. I was all set to have a greener lawn by summer. Then my husband said, "No, I think we can take care of it." And by we he means ME. And can you guess how well that turned out? So, this year, I again brought up the idea of Scotts Lawn Service. My husband was all, "They won't offer us a written contract! They might scam us! They might put chemicals on the lawn and then force us to pay them more than we were expecting!!!" and I just stared at him.... blinkety blink.... and then I dialed Scotts. One application down, dozens more to go. Hopefully by this time next year the drug-den-chic look of our lawn will be a thing of the past.

*I am going to come clean. Or maybe, come dirty. I hate brushing my teeth. There, I said it. It's not like I don't brush them, I just really hate to take the time. I know... cavities, gingivitis, bad breath, etc. I get it. I just don't like it. Plus I have sensitive teeth so it actually hurts sometimes. I'm not into that tingly zing feeling. I'd rather swish with diet coke.

*This week is public schools week at my kids' school. They really want me to come up but unfortunately, preschoolers are NEVER allowed at the school (except maybe in the office) during the school day - not in the classroom, not in the cafeteria, not on the playground. Never. I just got off the phone with the Vice Principal, calmly (no, really) explaining why I have a hard time giving the school my support when clearly, they aren't supporting my efforts as a parent. She talked about past issues with parents & out-of-control toddlers & liability, to which I could only say, "That should have been addressed on an individual basis, not with a blanket rule that punishes everyone." Still, the rule is in place and that's that. So, I mentioned that I hope she can understand why we wouldn't be doing the Jump-A-Thon or selling cookie dough. It's more than them having the kids sing at the PTA meeting or hosting a book fair. They need to connect with families on a PERSONAL LEVEL, especially the families who WANT TO BE INVOLVED. That's, I guess, what burns me the most... I would be a great volunteer and an active part of their school community if it weren't for all the rules in place that are meant to protect everyone's safety, but in reality it's like using a hose to extinguish a candle. I also took this opportunity to tell her that I was upset about the whole uniform shirt fiasco from a couple weeks back (I had decided to sit it out and not bring it up, so that I didn't look like the parent who complains about EVERYTHING, but this was just one more example of the school loading on the parents unnecessarily so I decided it would be time to discuss it). She explained that after some thought that day - because apparently my son wasn't the only kid who wore jeans and a uniform shirt - they decided the uniform shirt/jeans combo was acceptable. Only, I got called early so I didn't get the message. She apologized for that. Okay... I really dont' want to be upset about this. I want to let it go. But it's so frustrating! School is such a big part of our kids' lives!!!

*The weather is finally getting nice here in TX. It's laundry-line-hanging weather! Slightly warm and breezy - only, I need to remember to bring the laundry in before it starts to rain! DOH! Oddly, this post is the one that gets the most visitors from google searches. I guess a lot of people want to know what a clothes line tightener looks like! ha ha
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Anonymous said...

I have to move the chairs because my dogs will use them to catapult themselves up onto the table and eat the crayons. I know that's weird but it is so. Happy Tuesday!

Melani said...

I can agree to the honey will you watch the kids so I can ...whatever, fill in the blank with that one! LOL

My husband is totally spoiled. I do the majority of the cooking, all the laundry, cleaning during the day and we have a chore list that he is actually part of to do everyday in the afternoon...but if I am say in the bathroom and my 3.5 yr old, Brandon, wants something to drink, he brings his cup to me!!! and asks for some! Not the man sitting out in the family room watching tv or reading something on the computer! How's that?!

Anonymous said...

I'm comparing this to my Kindergarten orientation and the principal saying that if we need to pick our kids up and have a baby strapped into the car, just call and he will personally run our kindergartener outside and meet us so we don't have to park/unload/walk in/sign out/etc.

There's enforcing rules for everyone's benefit--and then there's being a legalistic asshole. Your school sounds like the latter!

Kristine said...

My teeth have always hurt when I brush. Drives me batty.

Happy RTT!

Jennifer said...

We don't have to do the chair thing anymore, but we did. He still crawls up on the table sometimes, but I don't worry as much about him falling.

Gigi said...

The chair thing made me laugh - if I had had a climber I would have done the same. A newbie mom asked me not to long ago how to make the baby stop doing certain stuff and I told her "remove the temptation" (like the chairs).

Your school would drive me insane. Period.

Gigi said...

Oh! And the teeth thing? Get plain, old regular Crest - either the paste or the gel. That'll stop the sensitivity. Apparently, all the new-fangled toothpastes can irritate sensitive teeth/gums, according to my dentist. Since I've switched I haven't had any problems.

Bridgett said...

I have terrible teeth (but great gums!). They are super-sensitive an dI was on a prescription toothpaste for a while (sad). Now I use the "sensitive" one made by whichever is on sale--it has an extra ingredient that helps with sensitivity.

But more than that? I brush my teeth and rinse with WARM water. The cold rinse at the end was putting me through the roof and so I started doing warm (probably about body temperature actually) and now it's ok. But my sensitivity was all cold based.

J said...

Omg why did I not think of putting the chairs UP?!! Rookie mom oversight. Thank you!!! Now my toddler won't bust his face while I'm feeding the baby!

Also, ditto on #2!

anymommy said...

I have the exact same problem at our Kindergarten! And I'm jealous of your spring.

Crystal said...

OK...send your spring weather north a long ways so it can get me here in South Dakota!! We still have about 6 inches of snow! I'm lucky, my kiddos elementary doesn't mind the younger kids. So I actually bring both my young guys to all the classroom parties. I actually LOVE to brush my teeth...and soda makes my teeth feel fuzzy. We finally do a lawn service too...peer pressure will getcha every time!

Every Day Goddess said...

I really want a lawn service too! I am trying to talk my husband into it.

I cannot believe your elementary school! That is crazy to me. Ours encourages us to bring our children if we have no sitter, how else would you be available to help out! Isn't that what stroller, snacks and books are for?

Swizz said...

Okay, so I'm VERY late commenting on this one. Google Reader is so full from lack of time it's amazing. :o)

About the chairs...get bungee cords and bungee them together and to the legs. My sister did this with her twins and it worked wonders!

I LOVE to brush my teeth! I used to have sensitive teeth, but the dentist gave me a high fluoride toothpaste and it worked wonders. Something about the fluoride blocking the pain receptors? Also, use a water pik for flossing. Use warm water in it and you'll be so happy how healthy your gums are...and how it also helps the sensitivity!

Miss ya! Life has been one big hectic crazy time lately!