Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I like to think I'm a good sport.

My kids might tell you otherwise, but I like to believe that little white lie I keep telling myself. They probably would say I'm NOT a good sport because I have a tendency to yell FACE! while pointing my finger at them whenever I go out in Uno, slip one shot past them in 2-square, or even spell a word correctly.

Yeah, I know. I'm extremely mature. Considering I'm like 30 years older than them. (In all fairness, I let them yell FACE! at me when they send my Sorry! game piece back to home, double jump me in checkers, or find my hiding space in hide-n-seek. don't dish it out if ya can't take it, right?)

Anyway, I'm noticing that since we got our Wii last November, we're actually playing MORE games as a family. That seems counter-intuitive but its true. We can play in the cold of winter or heat of summer; we can play sports without buying (or storing) tons of balls, bats, pads, sticks, etc.; no one's at an advantage because they are taller or shorter or faster; even our littlest Peanuts can get in on the action.

Playing together is really important to us - we don't have a lot of time to spend together once homework is done, chores are completed, and meals are finished. We like to do activities that are fun for ALL of us when all 7 of us can gather together.

Some of our other favorite things to do are: spend time outdoors, going on hikes or checking out state & local parks; reading books together, especially the Illustrated Classics series, and we do like to go shopping, especially at resale shops! The bargain hunter gene is strong in the Texan family!!!

This year I would really like to get my family into the tradition of also doing more volunteer work. Serving others is so important and yet it's one area I've talked the talk but not walked the walk. I need to lead them by example. Texan Papa and I discussed the idea of, next year, spending Thanksgiving serving meals at a shelter or a place like that. It sounds a little cliche, but I know it would be a good way to start the season of DEMANDING GIFTS for my kids to see how rich they already are - with blessings both tangible and intangible.

How do you and your family spend time together? What activities do you like to do?

I have an awesome giveaway for your family. I am partnering with Hasbro, EA, and Best Buy to help them celebrate the launch of the new video game Family Game Night 4. On Sunday December 4th, the Best Buy in Frisco TX (located at 3333 Preston Rd) will be hosting a Family Game Day from 11am to 3pm. Head on over there to play video game versions of your favorite Hasbro games like Connect 4 basketball and Scrabble Flash. You can also enter (at the event) to win a fun-filled, family vacation or a new iPad 2 loaded with your favorite FAMILY GAME NIGHT games! There will also be balloons, face painting, and popcorn for any families that participate, and radio station i93 will be on site doing a remote. 

 For more information go to check out the event on Facebook
You can win a Family Game Night pack for yourself, including a copy of Family Game Night 4 for XBox! You can enter up to 3 different ways: 

1. Leave a comment, telling me your favorite game you played with your family as a child, or your favorite game you play with your own family now. Board game? Video game? Card game? I want to know!

2. Post about the Family Game Day event on Facebook (just copy & paste the phrase below for your status update, then come back and comment that you shared it):
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Celebrate Family Game Day with @EAPlay at Best Buy in Frisco on December 4, 11am-3pm more info: @TexMama

Entries will be accepted through 5pm Sunday, Central Time, December 4th.

I was contacted through Allied Media to participate in this giveaway for Hasbro, EA games, and Best Buy. I was given a complimentary copy of Family Game Night 4. All opinions in this post are uniquely mine.

Texan Mama


Jennifer said...

My favorite game as a kid was Bonkers, but sadly they don't make it anymore. I may have to go to eBay to see if I can find it. I LOVED it.

Jennifer said...

My favorite game as a kid was Clue. I am such a nerd. NOW- my favorite game is Balderdash- because I LOVE to bullshit and make up stuff!! ;-)

BlessedMomof2 said...

One of my best memories was sitting at our kitchen table when I was probably 7 or 8 playing Hungry Hungry hippos with my Uncle Johnny. All the other grownups were talking but he made time for me. I doubt he even remembers but it made an impression on my little kid self.

Gigi said...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only competitive mom out there! My son and I play a lot of games (not so much now that he's big, but we still play - I'm really going to miss that when he goes to college). One of our favorites is Scrabble, but lately we've been having some cutthroat Rummy games. We also like Catch Phrase (and hubby will actually play this game) - but we can only play if we have at least one other person over (it requires at least four players - you have to have even numbers).

Frogs in my formula said...

I have so many favorite games from my childhood. Monopoly. CLUE. Candyland. Glad to hear you're enjoying family game night.

nicole said...

We also enjoy the Wii, although ours is currently broken. Uno is fun too, we let Lily (4 in Feb) play with us, she just has her cards on the table where we can see them and sort of help her.

GunDiva said...

The kids and I didn't have a lot of time to play games when they were younger - I was always off working. BUT...I've kept them fairly active volunteering for various events. Starting when they were little-little, they hung posters and worked at a 5k race that benefitted the fire department's smoke detector program - they did that for ten years. They also volunteer each year for the 9HealthFair and have done that for five or six years. It's been a good experience for all of us.

SuzyQpon said...

My favorite game as a kid was the board game "Life" - now my family loves Wii bowling b/c we can all play (from ages 45 - 3)!