Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five Things

Five Things you don't know about me:

1. I have never eaten a Big Mac or guacamole. Never. Not even a taste. Not interested.
2. I have big feet. Size 10. I've been a size 10 for forever. Now, after 5 kids, even the size 10 shoes are getting tight.
3. I was first-chair flute in 8th grade for one glorious week when I knocked Geri S. on her ASS. Victory is sweet. I didn't even care when she knocked me back to my 2nd chair status - it felt good in first chair no matter how brief it was.
4. The first audio cassette I ever owned was Beastie Boys: Licensed to Ill. (9th grade!)
5. I've never broken a bone.

Five things I'm knowledgeable about:
1. Math. I'm not the smartest cookie on the block but I can hold my own with a polynomial equation.
2. Preserving. I won 5 blue ribbons in the County Fair when I entered my green beans, tomatoes, pears, peaches, and okra. I know a little bit about gardening but mostly, I just plant enough so that 50% of it can die and I'll still have enough for what I need.
3. Baking. I can make a mean Gooey Butter cake. Yum.
4. Spelling. I won the spelling bee in 4th grade. The winning word was "separate".
5. Photography. Just goes to prove: you can learn anything if you own a library card.

Five things I know nothing about:
1. automotive workings. I don't know a valve from a piston. I couldn't tell you how to change the oil. I'm lucky I can fill the gas tank.
2. Poetry. I can't figure out what all that imagery means. Why can't a flower just be a FLOWER?
3. Beef. For the life of me I can't figure out what to look for when I'm buying it, how to cook it, how to season it, etc. Ground beef? I'm good to go. Otherwise, I'm just wasting my money.
4. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Twilight. I just don't get into those kind of stories. I know what they are but haven't read a page nor watched a minute of any of them.
5. Smart Phones. I have a regular-old cell phone. My best friend has a smart phone and I looked at it but I was afraid to touch it... it looked too sci-fi for me!

Five things I believe

1. I will never, ever be able to truly appreciate what it feels like to be poor.
2. When I am content, I will start to get complacent. That's probably why I am so self-critical.
3. Sometimes keeping my mouth shut speaks volumes more than anything I could say.
4. Whenever I criticize someone else, it's usually a criticism about myself, in disguise.
5. No one will ever love, care for, protect, or forgive me the way God does. If I lose everything else in my entire life, I will still have Jesus. Or, I should say, He will still have me.

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Jennifer said...

I played clarinet in sixth grade and was first chair until it broke, and then I slowly made my way down the line because my mom didn't have the money to get it fixed for me. Then I went to junior high and decided that band wasn't cool.

Patrice said...

Wonderful list! I'm with ya on the smart phones, but mostly because I'm a cheapskate...LOL!

Jen said...

Never had guacamole?! You need to try it. It is heaven in a bowl.

And I always wanted to win a spelling bee but you need to be able to spell to do that. I can't.

Gigi said...

I don't get the appeal of the Twilight or The Lord of the Rings either and have no interest in reading them; BUT you've got to read Harry Potter! Those books were very well done. I'm still mad that my son gave them away when he finished with them.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Fine, more guac for me.

As for the books, I agree. Except, the first Harry Potter was absolutely charming. They got darker after that. My son, who "hated" fantasy, loved HP and has, I believe, read them all.

Twilight? Bleh, and I have read one.

Anonymous said...

New reader new commenter, I only played the flute for 2 days then I realized I was giving up lunch and recess to play!

Denise said...

I adore these lists! If I commented on everything I wanted to comment on, this would be a book. LOL!!! But I have to say, flute players for the WIN. Licensed to Ill is still one of my favorite cassette tapes. And your last item on all the lists.. AMEN!!!! God is so good.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

You do the math, I'll do the poetry. ;) Though I have to say - a flower can absolutely be just a flower; poems need not be cryptic or complicated.

Try Chipotle's guacamole & chips before you die, just to know. Or better - get out here to visit and I'll treat you! Along with a haiku.

;D oxo

Bridgett said...

Lovely. I hold a number of those beliefs as well. And, eerily, I'm a flute player with big feet.