Thursday, June 14, 2012


Summer. We're in it. Full-blown, 24/7, put up or shut up, SUMMER. I have already exhausted the following phrases:

"Turn off the TV. Now. It's on Netflix so just pause it!"
"No, you can't just finish this level. You know when your time is up."
"Get out of the refrigerator. We just ate."
"Put your shoes on."
"Put your shoes away."
"Whose shoes are these in the middle of the floor?!?!?!"

Gosh, I sound like a giant fun magnet, don't I?

I have been trying like hell to have some consistency with the kids but it's like herding cats. I have told them, don't get out of your room before 7am. Well, tell 2 toddlers that, the same ones who can't tell time (even on a digital clock - "what does a 7 look like Mama?") I told them that computer time would be at a certain time each day. I told them they'd have to do "outdoor play time" but inevitably someone comes in screaming because they've been hit/poked/teased/ignored/abandoned/annoyed/etc.

Would you think any less of me if I locked the door and hid in the bathroom?

Speaking of the bathroom, there has been one major milestone - yes, Violet is now using the potty full time. I can't take one bit of credit for training her. I always looked with disgust at those moms who said, "My little one said she wanted big girl panties and then never had another accident!" Inwardly I said a secret curse on her and outwardly did an eye-roll that would rival that of any annoyed teenage girl. And yet, the potty gods smiled on me and I got a kid who potty trained like this:
day 1: buy Hello Kitty Underwear
day 2: have an accident in Ace Hardware
day 3: command an audience for every. drop. of. urine. that graces the toilet bowl.
day 4: no more nighttime pullups
That's it. Seriously.

Commence eye roll. It's okay. I know I've got it coming.

Texan Mama


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Lock yourself in a bathroom train and come to Chicago!

Seriously, haven't I told you that my mom used to lock us out of the house? We had to knock on our own door (the screen door in the garage) to ask her to come in. Sometimes she didn't hear us. Uh huh. Sure Mom...

Gigi said...

My cousin used to lock us out when she was babysitting us so she could watch her stories in peace.

No eye-roll here, the potty gods DID smile on you!

Frogs in my formula said...

I can't wait to start potty training. I am so done with diapers. Our routine includes Cheerios in the toilet though (for shooting purposes), not Hello Kitty!

Heather said...

Summer is hard.

Yippee! For potty training. My oldest was like. I tell everyone that she potty trained herself because there was no way I could have done it with a newborn attached to me 24/7.

Jennifer said...

Yay for potty training! I hear you on the summer blues.... we just started summer vacation on Tuesday and I am already for school again. The only problem is that since we don't know where we will be living or what school the kids will go to, I don't even have a day to look forward/count down to.

Jennifer said...

That is some awesome potty training. I've just now made the decision to take James out of a night time pullup. It wasn't really about him, but about me being lazy.

Bridgett said...

That was my first's potty training method. The second was a battle of wills for about 6 months. My 3rd? Expletive deleted right here. It's awful. And he HAS TO in order to go to preschool in the fall.