Tuesday, July 30, 2013

yummy cupcakes!

A few weeks ago my family attended a church picnic. One of the desserts served was brownies with frosting. But the frosting was hard, like a candy shell. It was so yummy!

I asked the woman who made them, what did she do? She laughed and said, "Actually, that's a box mix for brownie pops, and I just made them in a pan instead."


Now I've gotten on a kick that when I make a cake or cupcakes, I will melt chocolate almond bark and drizzle it on top. It's SO EASY and the frosting is so yummy. (Well, it's not really frosting, but it's still a topping!) As an added bonus, when I'm taking the cupcakes or cake somewhere else to share, I don't need to worry about the frosting smearing on anything or if the cupcakes should turn over. The frosting hardens into its candy form within about 15 minutes and I'm good to go!

Texan Mama

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Gigi said...

That IS genius!!! I would have never thought to melt chocolate and use it as a frosting...hmmm, maybe it's time to get my bake on!