Monday, August 5, 2013

feeling blessed

I told my family about my application for Kwik Trip being rejected. Texan Papa said, "really?" he has a very quizzical look on his face, I'm sure it was pretty similar to mine when I got the email. Then of course, my amazing daughter Peppermint Patty chirped up with, "It's because God didn't want you to have that job. He has something better in store for you."

Talk about making me smile! How could I ever ask for a child like that? she's pretty wonderful.

Money, for us, is pretty tight. I lose sleep about it because I'm a worrier by nature. I wish I weren't, but I am. But today I am feeling very blessed.

1) a client placed their order with me. No, it wasn't huge, but it's more than nothing.
2) a woman who works at the local art gallery bought one of my large canvas pieces. I had it printed on the HOPE and CHANCE that she would buy it, and she did! If she hadn't, I'd just have another beautiful picture for my own wall at home but luckily I can now deposit that money in the bank.
3) the weather has been really cool for about 3 weeks now. I think it is REALLY going to help us with our electricity bill this summer. My garden, however, is going along at snails pace. I should have a bumper crop of red tomatoes by now but instead, I'm lucky if I get one every other day. But that's the least of my complaints!

I do recognize my blessings every day, but all too often I magnify my troubles and give them higher priority. I know I shouldn't but they just seem to be the squeaky wheels in my head.

I'm going to keep trying to celebrate those blessings and put some oil on the squeaky wheels to quiet them. :)

Texan Mama


Jennifer said...

I so told you that you're an artist. And yes, I do have a happy, little, "I told you so" grin on my face.

Gigi said...

Peppermint Patty is a wise, wise girl!

Counting your blessings, both big and small, helps to remind you what is important.

So glad to hear of a few "up" moments. When things are rough, those mean the most.

leslie@gleaninggrace said...

I'm so excited to see you're writing again :-)
And God definitely has something better in store for you!



mare ball said...

God's always messing with me too, tempting me w/ something that doesn't work out, but then something better comes along. Your girl has wisdom beyond her years.